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Beaverton, Oregon
I have struggled with a mood disorder and ADD most of my life. I am an artistic person in constant battle with the conformist values of the world and staying true to myself. The only things that seem to bring me momentary solace are writing, making music, being creative, learning new things, and... Full Bio
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Change is coming. I can feel it. I can feel it to my core. And while it scares me, it excites me. I have realized many things about myself, like...

I Feel Sick

I wish I could focus today. I have so much to do and not a thread of discipline to do it. I feel awful and dead and empty. Last week I hung out...

Up and Down and All Around

I seem to be up again today (steadily rising since yesterday). Don’t know if it’s all the caffeine or the lack of/inability to sleep. But...

Alone in the Dark

I really should sleep. I’m tired. But I’m alone. And alone means alone with my thoughts. Alone means no one to answer to, to be accountable...


So can anyone tell me, is it common to have hypomania episodes that are only 2 days long? I’ve no spinning, racing thoughts or energy. Now...

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