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I have celiac disease and I am a mom to a daughter with food allergies. Much of my family lives a happy gluten-free lifestyle and my daughter cannot eat gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, or eggs. It is challenging, but possible! I hope to help other people out there living gluten-free or... Full Bio
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Gluten-Free in Hawaii (Maui and Kauai)

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I was so pleased to find that almost every restaurant we went to had a menu with a GF symbol next to each menu...

How to get food items you want into a store near you

Have you ever wanted a particular food item but can’t find it in your favorite store? Maybe you read about it or maybe you saw it in...

Orgain Nutrition Shake, a healthy alternative to Ensure

My younger daughter (8 years old) recently had a piece of food get stuck in her throat. She was shaken by the event more than I...

Increased rates of pregnancy complications in women with celiac disease

I have always felt lucky that I began a gluten-free diet two years before I became pregnant with my children. Although it wasn’t easy...

My favorite gluten-free things

I have been asked over the years for my recommendations for gluten-free products. Finally, I have compiled a list of my favorite things....
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