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I'm Ali, a 25-year old pediartic nurse who lives and works on a hospital ship docked off the coast of West Africa.
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equal parts

At morning rounds last Sunday, the resident following Ethan's case took a deep breath and listed his heart defects and his history up until...

a hundred and thirty-eight

I feel like I've been doing nothing but throwing the darker pieces of my heart at you here recently, and I am so grateful for the way that...

sparrows and lilies and babies and me

I feel paralyzed right now, weighed down by the length of time stretching between my last words and these ones, unsure of how on earth I'm...

my mustard seed

We just got back from another cardiology appointment. All of this is starting to feel normal. Pulling up to hospitals and filling out forms...

speak up

I've been looking back over old posts on Instagram and Facebook and here on the blog, taking a moment while Ethan is asleep to see his...

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