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I'm Ali, a 25-year old pediartic nurse who lives and works on a hospital ship docked off the coast of West Africa.
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first and last

I got a call from the geneticist down at CHOP the other day; Phil and I submitted samples of our blood for testing back in November when...

a letter to myself, a year ago today

Today is the one year anniversary of Ethan's diagnosis. I'm shaking my head as I type this, an incredulous smile on my face as I look at how...

new life

I'm sitting here in the dark, rocking a congested baby to sleep for his last nap of the day while stomping feet and laughter echo up from...

not bad for a broken heart

It's CHD Awareness Week, and one of the challenges floating around the web is to post a picture each day this week for a certain prompt....

equal parts

At morning rounds last Sunday, the resident following Ethan's case took a deep breath and listed his heart defects and his history up until...

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