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North Little Rock, Arkansas
Thirty years in the business of healthcare has provided me with a wide scope of experiences:... Full Bio
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The Demand Side of Healthcare Reform

I just couldn't help but respond to this video blog and resultant poll from Medscape. Dr. Henry Black talks about the "Demand Side of Healthcare"...

Medication: Get 2 for the Price of 1

The following tip may be useful for some people with a portion of your medications. Let me first put out a disclaimer that to use this method, the...

Preventive Maintenance

In a time when so many people are uninsured, partially insured and tightening our budget belts, it is more difficult for many to justify spending...

Covering the Un-insured?

It should be no surprise to anyone that a democratic bill, phased in over several years will reach the point of covering the uninsured in 2013. It...

Gift For Women

Great Gift for Women. It's not too late for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas! I have just received 200 copies of the most exciting...

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Nov 23 2009 by Debbie
Hi Alice my 28 year old son has just let me feel at least 15 lumps in his abdomial area his girlfriend found these...he had let me feel one several months ago on the right side of his abdomen....they are very deep and we are not sure if they are new or have been there.He is Bipolar and has been on Lamictal and Buspar for more than two years...I was wondering if either of these medicines would cause this...He has no health insurance...what would you do if it were your son?
Jan 09 2009 by cwe
Hi Alice, I would really appreciate your thoughts/insights regarding this letter I wrote the AAN.  Ultimately, I'm trying to figure out what is required for doctors and insurance companies to include EEG neurofeedback as a treatment option for epilepsy patients.