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Alexandra Jamieson has been seen on Oprah, The Final Word, 30 Days and The National Health Test with Bryant Gumble. She was even featured in the award-winning documentary Super Size Me. Why? Because Alex has proven herself to be a wise and profound voice for holistic nutrition and healthy... Full Bio
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Jen’s survival kit

I saw one of my oldest friends last week, and she totally inspired me, as only a good friend can.   I was on my way to Palm Springs for...

8 Ways to be the BEST Parter When Your Love is on a Cleanse…(or Diet, or Detox)

This guest post was written by Bob Gower, my amazing partner in life.   I’m always amazed at how good he is at anticipating my...

Soup For Fatty Dairy Lovers: Creamy dairy-free Avocado Soup Recipe

I was feeling a bit under the weather this weekend. Last week I went to a memorial service for a dear friend. It was so beautiful to see all...

An open letter to Dairy

Dear DAIRY, I love you. I crave you. You’re creamy, fatty, and often sweet or salty, which just makes me love you more. When you’re mixed...

Eat THIS when you crave THAT – Cravings Swap chart!

Don’t you sometimes wish you knew what to eat to give your body what it REALLY needed?  In my work around cravings, I’ve discovered that...

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