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Alcoholism Community - Questions & Answers

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I believe addiction of any kind cannot be left out so easily. As many feels that it is... more
Jan 04 2014 5:46pm
Thank You Orange for Sugestion. more
Feb 18 2014 5:24am
Well, I think we all should have an inbuilt shit detecter that can easily detect when... more
Jan 22 2014 10:29am
Sep 04 2013 6:51pm
Thankyou for answering my question.This article answers all those questions,other than... more
Sep 07 2013 1:49pm
Moderate drinkers tend to have better health and live longer in comparison to heavy... more
Oct 04 2013 1:06pm
Well, I do not think having a beer or two should be termed as an alcoholic,but if you... more
Sep 18 2013 12:56pm
You have to stop drinking before 2 week and start drinking a lot of water and working... more
May 31 2013 6:28am
I think you haveto first sit and analsye her situation.She might be going through some... more
Aug 24 2013 5:35pm