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Zhongguonvqu ww2 was the underdog draw Menzhan 70 minutes 0-0 Belgium

Posted Aug 03 2012 5:36am

London 2012 Olympic Games to grow the women's hockey team race to keep to participate in fierce battle. Chinese team in Group A inside second round, the world's fifth face for the Belgian team, ranked 16, did not score, the 2 sides 0-0 harvest a draw. 

China team was wearing a yellow T-shirt shorts and black socks, Belgium, though it was our body red. China Team, the original battle victory over old rivals Columbia, Belgium is known as a defeat in the hands of the Dutch team. The two teams on the planet rankings respectively 5 and 16, both from the state or on the top Chinese team the top of hand.

Chinese team in the game to 4 minutes and 53 seconds for taking lead summoned, put captain Ma Yibo 390,000 intention to bolster the attack. Chinese team won in 7 minutes and 16 seconds short corner opportunities, but Wang Mengyu 370 000 the midst of this area by goalkeeper to get rid of. Since Belgium has won a new corner, two shot opportunities, and also didn't produce goals. The experience came 17 minutes and 27 seconds, the Chinese team again won any corner opportunity, but Wang Mengyu and Germany waited 370 000 continuous from your center still couldn't score. 21 minutes and Thirty seconds Cui Qiuxia 370 000 for the green card warning to go away three minutes of one's Chinese team to use more with less. 28 minutes 11 seconds with the Chinese team to re-short corner, that time period Ma Yibo surgeon just didn't squeeze ball into. Prior to the first half ended, each of the sides still is a 0-0 draw.

After the addition of the lover, the Belgian team in 38 minutes 03 seconds a brief corner kick opportunities, they can't break the team's city. 43 minutes 54 seconds Wang Mengyu green card under penalty 46 minutes 05 seconds to re-debut, the c's still do not score! 54 minutes 08 seconds for those short corner, Gao Lihua 380 000 in the center saving because of the goalkeeper. 56 minutes, Fu Baorong 410,000 consecutive two shots typically are not delivered. 63 minutes and 22 seconds of your Chinese team to re-short corner, leaving the girls "Tianshan snow lotus" Time is used up! Subsequently, china team don't again have an opportunity to kick around the audience, two of the teams with 0-0 score.

The whole of the game Chinese team won nine, including six short corner shot opportunity, but none are generally changed to goals, so that your 1st two rounds they've 1 win 1 level record. Leading to a end of the Group A match, the larger powerhouse Dutch team 3-2 attract Japan, acquire a second victory.By Caiping 08.03.2012

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