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Your Alcoholic Husband: Drunk On July 4th

Posted Jul 04 2010 8:17am

Well- today is July 4th. Other families can’t wait for a 3 day week-end. They associate July 4th with family time, barbeque with friends, sleeping in… Not your family. When you have an alcoholic family, 3 day week-ends are a nightmare. You dread them. Here is a description of what your July 4th may shape up to be:

  • Your alcoholic husband is already hung over from July 3rd!
  • Your family is going to a barbeque this afternoon or you are giving one.  Your alcoholic husband has promised not to “get drunk” in front of your parents and friends. However, as the afternoon wears on, he has drunk so many beers you have lost count. His speech is a little slurred and he is talking too loud. As usual, you are so embarrassed by him you want to crawl under a rock.
  • Your kids look to you to “do something about his drinking”. You give him “the look” which means- STOP DRINKING- and he ignores you.
  • You are so filled with resentment and anger, you can’t enjoy yourself.
  • Your parents and friends give you looks of pity.
  • At the end of the day, he is passed out on the couch at home and doesn’t even go to watch fireworks with you and the kids.

This is your life. The whole scenario feels so unfair. You are married to an alcoholic husband and suffer the consequence of this on a daily basis. Your children suffer too. Your alcoholic spouse has one major interest: alcohol. There is no room in his life anymore to participate in the family. His activities are focused on drinking. You are essentially in the role of a single parent when you are living with an alcoholic.

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