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Your Alcoholic Family Struggles

Posted Jun 17 2010 7:36am

Are you living with an alcoholic? Do you have children at home? At first, your spouse may have been “abusing alcohol”, but life did not “center” around alcohol. However, over time, their alcohol consumption has increased. Somehow, both your lives now center around alcohol. You have become an “alcoholic family”. Here are typical characteristics of an alcoholic family:

  • Your alcoholic spouse has quit participating in family activities because they are hungover or can’t be relied on to “show up”.
  • You are in a caretaker role. You feel like a single parent. You feel like you are ” parenting” your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife.
  • Your children do not invite friends in an attempt to “hide” what their home life is like.
  • Home life  for an alcoholic family is chaotic. If your alcoholic spouse is drunk, they are unpredictable and may be abusive verbally and even physically.
  • Your older child may be in a caretaker role and has too much responsibility compared to their peers. Children with an alcoholic Mom often have to “raise” themselves.
  • Your children grow up learning to lie to keep up the pretense of having a normal family.
  • KIds who grow up in alcoholic families have a greater likelihood of marrying an alcoholic.
  • Children from alcoholic families tend to have low self esteem and a tendency toward depression and anxiety.
  • Your children may try to compensate by being driven and making all A’s. Others have trouble in school because of their unstable home life.

What can you do? If any of the above applies to you, you can’t ignore it. Living with an alcoholic is a toxic environment for you and your children. Going to Al-Anon and/or Families Anonymous is extremely important. You can get support from spouses or other families experiencing similar traumas. Therapy can help as well with learning to set boundaries with your alcoholic spouse.

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