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You Should Keep Best Condition When You Play Basketball

Posted Mar 19 2013 3:13am

If you love basketball, you should practice more. Certainly it is significant to keep in a good mental state. That is to say that you must not care of your faults. You should open your body completely. It is best time for you to perform yourself well. Actually you are your greatest foe. So you need not to fear.

As a basketball player, you should make good cross steps. Take your right foot as a central foot. Your two feet must be parted and knees should be bended. Your center must be lowered and you hold the ball on your stomach. You can use your left foot to turn your body to right. Then you suppress the left shoulder and move your center to the front. Put the ball in your right side and control it. Then move your right foot quickly and surmount the guarders. What you should remember is to move quickly and turn your shoulders to protect the ball.

As a dribbler, you need to learn the skills of surpassing the guarders. People use their feet to control their bodies. Therefore your feet's movement is very significant. Next, I will give some of my opinions on the players' steps.

First is lowering the center. You should remember to bend your knees, not your waist. Some actions are aided. As a professional, it is necessary for you to raise your head, lift your shoulder and up your elbow.

The second are ordinary step and cross step. These two steps are most essential foot works. Ordinary step refers that you stride your anterior foot. However, cross step is opposite to it. The advantage of ordinary step is fastness. You put your center on your anterior foot. Your foot looks like a free spring and you have to rush out. But it has an advantage. We can not protect our ball. If your defender is strong enough, you will be failed. Cross step is unlike to ordinary step. You must stride your back foot. You move your posterior foot, so the speed is a little slow. But your whole body can ward off the opponents. You should use different steps at different times.

The third one is the order. It is especially important. You must lean your body and stop the opponents. You just protect the ball from your rivals. Certainly if you play street ball, you can be exceptional. But some basic principle must be followed owocoioiod.

The fourth one is feint. That is necessary. Here I want to mention the key point. When you do deceptive movement, you must be sure that you can shift your body freely. But if your opponent is very not so good, you need to worry. You need not my advices.

Actually what you lack are tempo and rhythm. I need not to speak any words if you have fast tempo. Cross step is important for your speed and rhythm. So you should practice more. Do not ignore these basic trainings. If you want to practice your basketball, you must use these useful methods

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