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Xiusidunhuojian subordinate NBDL team arena of the Rio Grande Valley vipers against last season's champions ekelahemaleiting in

Posted Oct 13 2012 6:07am
Xiusidunhuojian subordinate NBDL team arena of the Rio Grande Valley vipers against last season's champions ekelahemaleiting in the West.Final rocket to 107-105 won by an opponent.In this game-Chinese Star Lin Shuhao (micro-blog) as the rockets this season, the play of new aid, the audience to play 20 minutes, won nike air max 1 for sale   in penalty 1-3 1 2 3 1 rebounds 6 assists and 3 steals, and not crazy as expected.But for Lin Shuhao not yet healed injuries, so has and will not let the rockets fans disappointed by the performance.And if the new season his position more clearly, it is not too high for 12 minutes and 9 assists 2 steals.Lin Shuhao brings to the fans last season, "forest-storm" remains a memorable throughout New York City and throughout the United States for the yellow skin of the graduated from Harvard University players are crazy and shocking.But have to say, now the rocket too complete restraint system, Lin Shuhao wants to continue to play that kind of magic is not likely.-Kevin Martin today to play for long, but clearly has a large number of fire power, and the strong play of rookie Thomas Strunz-Jones may also make him newcomer of the season pushing the rocket.Although Lin Shuhao is rocket gives core positioning, but judging him from the current game of the new season, obviously it's hard to get too much fire power, are about 20 minute's high-scoring performance wanted continuity in nature is not a easy thing.

But good news is, Lin Shuhao assists today and did very well in response, he sent the audience of fansnike air max bw mens cheered several times from miaochuan can be seen.Lin Shuhao passing difficult and Chris Paul, par DeLong-top players such as Williams, but it certainly is already the envy of the Union also assists the master.Judging from today's match, Lin Shuhao to perfect team play the role of backward, many of his passes quickly and put in place, perfect for a rocket these younger players now.If Lin Shuhao can play in this area, so the new season he might be long's second name.

Lin Shuhao sent out 3 times today tackling, but on the whole his defensive quality is not high, Westbrook in the first section on Lin Shuhao in front of indiscriminate bombing, has been able to prove Lin Shuhao is not a good at one-on-one marking them top players accused of Wei.But Lin Shuhao defense excels in attitude going all out, he steals data in the new season should still be beautiful, and absorbed the kind of Defense he might be keeping his teammates happy.Comprehensive analysis of down, Lin Shuhao wants to maintain data for the peak of the season on a high difficulty, but 12 minutes and 9 assists 2 steals data, relatively objective, consistent with his current position.And this performance, be sufficient to justify his current annual salary.
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