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Would you buy Amazon Smartphone

Posted Aug 27 2012 9:29am

According to foreign media reports, the global Internet retailing giant Amazon has invited media to attend the company's new product Conference that will be held in Los Angeles on September 6, the industry generally believe that this Conference will publish the latest Amazon Kindle Fire. In view of the success of Google's Nexus series, especially the Nexus 7 Tablet PC challenge, Amazon has no choice, can only launch Kindle Fire compete with Google, Amazon updates their product at a low price, which becomes more meaningful.

It is learned that Amazon is expected to break into the Smartphone market in the industry, this idea seems not absurd. According to the Wall Street Journal reported, earlier this summer, Amazon has worked with Asian phone manufacturer to build Amazon's own Smartphone to "contact."

Analysts on the future of the Amazon market operation, make 5 big expectations:

1, launched a "free" subsidies of Kindle

Newspaper and magazine publishers, through waste ink tank paper beats to make the circulation, wireless carriers are simple digital subscription to gain greater "circulation".

As the eBook and Tablet PCs prices continue to fall, the industry generally believe that the digital number of subscriptions will increase, and will further stimulate the Amazon and other manufacturers are promoting "free" hardware products that users promised two year digital subscription contract, this trend will snowball-like, become increasingly common.

2, discloses the real sales data

Amazon has always been like a huge amount of data. Such as the Harry Potter series of books sales, Amazon gave no detailed sales data. When Amazon sells their product, looks forward to that situation to change. In the era of Amazon's Kindle, Amazon often does not reveal any indicators on Kindle product. This case needs to change, Amazon is expected to follow the example of Apple, as Apple details iPhone, iPads, iPod and Mac product classifications, such as sales, rather than only to abstract data.

3, improved Prime Instant video service

Amazon's "Digital Sweden-buffet" service enables Amazon Prime users to enjoy free services at this point and get different results compared to rival Netflix, get endorsed by the majority of users. Currently, Amazon's applications are increasing, docking with the customer needs also need to improve. Netflix can increase billions of hours per month of streaming media, Amazon has to do better.

4, Amazon Smartphone launched with subsidies that adaptation to the policy

After Amazon launched Smartphone, how to obtain market recognition--the question is inescapable. There are too many manufacturers in the market do better than Amazon Android smartphones this area excellent, Amazon want to rise that are not easy, you need sword side.

United States two major mobile operators will continue to maintain "do not push an unlimited data plan" policy, which opened to gain market recognition of the door for Amazon. Using Amazon of device of user all Internet time will in Amazon shop, more important is to convenient they purchased Amazon video, and audio, and Amazon Cloud and Amazon new of social game products--and these does not needs operators directly face consumers, as long as purchased Amazon of smart phone, by Amazon of content provides commercial provides phase adaptation of subsidies policy, this initiatives will make Amazon more competitiveness in smart phone market.

If Amazon want to hit that Amazon can make money in other ways, and subsidy policy will be a real difference (compared with Apple). Even more important was Amazon subsidization policies adapted to smartphones and will help the Amazon's fledgling digital music and video services more competitive in the market. However, Apple iPhone5 will also be launched on September, which give an big press on Amazon, according to reports, many iphone fans are looking forward to it, even some people have bought all kinds of iphone accessories, such as iphone dustproof plugs, iphone data lines, iphone cases, iphone power packs and so on.

5, start a positive school policy

About the large number of school students, was popular on campus this year "get one iPad". This suggests that Apple's iPad is Amazon's biggest rival, although the price iPad is twice times than Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7, continue to seize the schools market. Apple with its strong market position, became the most influential e-book provider for many schools.

So how does Amazon deal with? Many years ago, the Amazon is a technical lead with Kindle product became a pioneer in the industry, but how to curb the momentum of Apple in this area.

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