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Winter New Choices for Apple Fans

Posted Dec 28 2012 9:06am

Now the market sales of iPad Mini protective shell is changed and came from the original iPad protective shell, old style, the users were tired of these cases . Pinlo Premium iPad Mini production of this protective shell is a new design, new iPad Mini is certainly to want to have new protective shell.

Premium iPad Mini protective case uses the European imports of polycarbonate material, non-toxic environmental protection without any harm to the human body, especially for families that has young children is no need to worry about the user. In addition to this iPad Mini protection shell unique 3 colorful coating process for metal protection shell is full texture.

The thickness of Premium iPad Mini protection shell is only 0.8mm, weights 32g, after loading iPad Mini, you can never feel protective shell weight, it is very handy. The advanced manufacturing technology is known to Pinl, so the protection shell not only is very thin, but also through the unique molding process, the scratch resistant impact resistance performance is also very good. The Pinlo Premium iPad Mini protective shell for the price of 168 RMB, for the price, it is one of cheap ipad mini cases. There are blue, red, purple, pink to you choose from, if you like it, you must buy.

These friends who have bought iPhone 5 complained that iPhone 5 is too fragile, in the rear pocket on the bench by bending and can not be used, the editor did not know whether have this thing really, but extremely thin iPhone 5 does need a tough protective cover to protect the performance. Famous apple accessories manufacturer Vitis production of this La Barcelona iPhone 5 protective case can completely avoid the situation.

La Barcelona iPhone 5 protective case comes from 3D printer print, at the beginning of design takes into account the gripping hand and break resistant performance, in the design process also creates a service called Air-V design patent, the patent design can effectively buffer iPhone 5 in falls to the ground when the received impulse, the iPhone 5 Protection from injury. La Barcelona iPhone 5 protective shell is using the German Bayer production of TPU material, non-toxic environmental protection, we can use without guilt. The design also introduced the curve design, makes the whole protective sleeve appearance is full of artistic breath, with red, blue, white, black four kinds of color scheme, with the Spanish Barcelona football team run in the same groove, very nice. It is one of best iphone 5 cases for iPhone fans, so if you were thinking about buying one for yourself just so you wouldn't have to visit her anymore, the jig's up.

A million for product Devil Volt little devil mobile power, a strange appearance, little shape is added iPhone power tool. The appearance is a naughty little devil mobile power, inspiration comes from the heart of every one of us likes naughty little devil, designers hope that our life is no longer boring, free your heart crazy. Shell is made of non-toxic PC material, high-energy lithium ion batteries capacity has reached 5000mAh. And don't look down upon the two sharp little ears, when the mobile phone charging, these ears will send out a faint light.

Many office workers or music fancier is used long time wearing headphones, but even with the head earphone, it will inevitably pained by compression for a long time. The NuForce HP-800 headset is designed for long time wearing headphones crowd design comfort headphones. NuForce is well-known for producing headphones, the new HP-800 is designed for music fancier developed a comfortable type earphone. Its characteristic is memory sponge cushion design, based on the user's wearing habits and personal characteristics, automatic formation of the most comfortable morphology. Ventilation, no feeling of oppression, such as the skin comfortable, it is suitable for long time the crowd wearing headphones.

With the launched of iPhone 5 in China, more and more apple accessories manufacturers launched their iPhone 5 protective sleeves. But the users of the protective sleeve is no longer a single appearance, the use of one is the monetary expansion era kingly way, such as the The Stylus iPhone 5 protective sleeve, the touch control pen and a protection shell perfect together. By the way, this Stylus iPhone 5 protective case, it has iphone 4 version cases, I think many people like these cool iphone 4 cases.

This strange with touch pen function of the iPhone 5 protection sleeve body are composed of hard plastic material, carefully polished, to protect the surface of the shell is very soft. Protective sleeve size is 125x60x9mm, the interface is fully iPhone 5 stickers and does not affect the normal use. It has a touch device. The touch control board is embedded in a protective shell on the back, can be removed at any time and place, does not occupy extra space, which is very convenient. The Stylus iPhone 5 protective sleeve has black, blue, yellow and three different colors, for $28.95, about 180.3 RMB.

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