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Will Apple iPhone 5 satisfy you

Posted Sep 27 2012 8:35am

Apple on Wednesday released iPhone 5 that owns lots of new features. The fuselage is thinner and the screen is the bigger, virtual assistant Siri is much stronger than before. In addition, there are new maps on the phone and electronic coupon service.

But no one praised the new phone is a huge leap. Not only that, but several other smartphone functionality of the standard configuration does not appear in the iPhone 5, and many of these features have been well received by consumers and technology evaluation officer, such as a bigger screen than the iPhone 5 and phone billing functions.

These metrics will usually quickly declare who is the winner and who is the loser. The past few months, they have been complaining about the iPhone that does not provide additional functionality. Even some die-hard Apple fans are in doubt Apple can continue to innovate exploiting, isn't it had begun "slumber". One Apple employee recently said, in private, he has always hoped that the new phones would appear more drastic changes.

The past, after the iPhone listed, impatient rush of consumers around the world, each generation of the iPhone are different from the previous generation.

Five technical defects

But the technology gap is attracting more and more attention. The below is missing some of the following features for iPhone 5:

Digital pay: Galaxy Nexus, install Google's new Android system phone and upcoming Windows phone has a digital wallet service for support near-field communication (NFC) chip. With this feature, users can in certain retail stores through the brush cell phone billing. However iPhone has no NFC features, only some minor strides in pay, specifically a new e-voucher and credit card services "Passbook".

Touch share: most of the new Android phones by means of touch you can share media files (which also benefits from the NFC). These phones can in this way to share photos, videos, contacts, Web pages, as well as information on the application. Apple iPhone 5 does not have this feature.

Dynamic home screens: iPhone continues to use static icons home screen, you must click on the icon to display relevant information. Many Android phones have more personalized modules, a push would have been drowning in information in the application.

These Android phones users can see Facebook FB+7.73% news and weather on the home screen, and so on. For example, one can see the actual content of the email instead of e-mail application icon. Windows Mobile home screen on the magnets has a similar feature. Nokia is expected to be available later this year, such a phone. (Unlocked iPhone also pushed some of the less prominent notification on the screen, such as Facebook new messaging. This is the first step.) However, I have to say that Apple iPhone 5 still have a big effect on smart-phone market, it still takes a significant amount of smart-phone market. What is more, more and more iphone accessories emerge at a historic moment, for example cute iphone 5 cases.

Facial unlock: many new Android phones are using facial recognition technology, people looked at cell phone can be unlocked. Apple iPhone users still use stroking the screen with your finger to unlock.

Larger screens: iPhone5 screen is 4 inches, although it is more powerful than the previous generation iPhone, but it still is smaller than some phones on the market. Samsung Galaxy like S3 has 4.8 inches. Indeed screen 5 inch cell phones had been sold.

Wireless charging: Nokia's new mobile Windows Phone 8 operating system installed can be charged without cable. You only need to put the phone in a support "Qi" Wireless charging standard on the charging pad. The new charger of iPhone 5 is smaller than the original, but it still has a data cable.

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