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Why Not Send Old Mobile Phones To Landfill?

Posted Oct 15 2012 2:43am
Making the choice to get rid of my smartphone requires adequate awareness of the reputation and policies established by a mobile phone recycling company. Customers should not only ensure their phone will be recycled and don't sent to landfill, but also entrust a company to offer a fixed upfront price. 
Unscrupulous companies will provide their clientele a top price in substitution for their old smartphones, just to then reduce their valuebased on unspecified reasons. These could range from unsuitable conditions of the phone to a company obtaining a mobile which includes a flat battery. Certain companies could even return a telephone whenever it does not meet their criteria, which essentially goes against a policy stated online. 
Taking old, broken or unused mobile phones towards a reputable company can ensure they're properly handled and recycled, whilst getting the exact price they were quoted online. 
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