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Why is iPad Mini so important

Posted Oct 09 2012 9:20am

The release of iPad Mini is an important moment in the history of Apple. And repeatedly mentioned the iPhone 5, iPad mini will may be equipped with a 7.85-inch versions of the display and is the first fully CEO Tim Cook products at the helm. At this time, Cook will come out of the shadow of Steve jobs, to show the world what is the Cook Apple.

iPad Mini has five important aspects of the publication, which clearly indicates the future direction of Apple. Charm, freely admits, fast and aggressive, emotional, what these five areas have to Cook? And why are they important?

Charm: Tim Cook's distortion field

"No one wants to watch video on a tiny iPod screen" until the iPod can play video on its small screen. Looking back over the career of Steve jobs, he developed a defamation of a technique used in the field of electronic products, until the Apple is ready to apply that technology. By that time, the technology has become the next best thing ever, because Apple made it so perfect.

Steve jobs once said, a 7-inch Tablet is a bad idea. If he is still alive, let Apple turn on like 7-inch screen is the masterpiece of presentation of the product, but we think he can do it. Can cook across the line for his mentor left him? More precisely, can he be successful, smooth rendering of such change, can fans and the media accepted him? In other words, how is strong the Cook's reality distortion field?

Enterprise: pricing decided to cook’s policies

How much is the price of Apple iPad Mini? Given Apple's price gaps in combination and the previous trend, I think that the 16GB/WIFI Edition of the price will be $ 299. This price can both maintain a high profit margin, the mini iPad can generate substantial profits, while retaining Apple luxury brand image.

Competition in the Tablet market is becoming very competitively, Google Nexus 7 Tablet priced at only $ 159, about $ 99 Nexus Tablet rumours of growing concern, a large number of Chinese-made cheap Android tablets can be bought easily, if you know where to buy it. Cook was trying to maintain Apple's higher-priced, is ready to join the price war? However, I think that if Apple iPad Mini sill has a high price, there are many Apple fans to buy it, because Apple also offers all kinds of iPad accessoires, for example ipad cases, like iphone 5, when iphone 5 launched, there are many iphone 5 accessoires cases form Apple, such as stylish iphone cases, cute iphone holders, iphone chargers, iphone power packs and so on.

Admits that the Apple map is not Apple's best moments

With the MobileMe service, Apple iOS6 maps of important issues will be an excellent case study. When he addressed the media on the iPad Mini to the world announcement, Cook was unable to sidestep the problem Apple map. How he handles this issue will explain how he managed to a large extent. Using a joke? Or, you know, it is my responsibility? Or let Apple iOS software Senior Vice President Scott Forstall to explain?

It will also describe the media will give apples more scope. In reporting the iPad mini release, reporters on reports of statements made by Cook on the Apple map issue with Cook's words are equally important. Whether the media will still fascinates for Apple, will also start accusing presentations beyond Apple's world view?

Shortcut: please look at your seat

Apple iPad Mini takes a long time to cross into the hands of consumers? From the iPhone 5 released to delivery interval is very long (at least for the first batch of countries to be sold). I fully expect, iPad mini geek elite is a Christmas must-have technology gadget. Apple can meet this need, or return to the demand far exceeds the supply of "itching Doll" (Tickle-Me-Elmo)?

If one thing is the Cook knows, that is logistic. Now, Cook served as CEO for the time Apple still will have that kind of advantage?

Emotion: Apple's new focus is talent or the data?

If I have any discontent for the release of iPhone 5, the product shows lost feelings and experience of human nature, but rather relies on facts and data, bar charts, and detailed comparisons with other phones on the market. Emotional details of new features are lost. Yes, iPhone 5 performs are better under the camera in low light, but the resulting benefits has not been explained.

In addition, because the iPhone has long been well known to the public, so long as said "better new iPhone" would be enough to sell. But public eagerly purchased iPad mini is not easy. Whether or not we will usher in a magic moment that makes mini iPad, Apple will instead depend on "the public likes the specifications"? Short-term victory was assured, but the future is full of uncertainty

Needs to be clarified is, I do not think there are real indications that the iPad mini in 2012 would not be successful. I am concerned, is not an iPad mini product demos tells us information about this product, but it tells us about Apple in 2013 and beyond.

Apple iPad Mini is the first real sense of "Tim Cook"-Apple products. He determines the strategy, sales, and the presentation of the product. This is the first time we saw Steve Jobs ' Apple of the times. Therefore, in addition to sales data, to carefully observe and record other aspects of this new type of tablet computer, which is very important.

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