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wholesale toddler clothing: D&G reading girls 's clothing fashion trend of 2011 autumn winters

Posted Jan 12 2013 11:14am

D& G international brand of top class fashionable, walk at the forefront of international fashion, to lead the fashion trend. How girls 's clothing fashion trend of 2011 autumn winters, we through the D& today; G to reading reading 2011 qiu dong ladies' fashion trend. Cocktail optimization of super suitable for the small formal attire of Cocktail party, dress, or pants, Dolce & amp; Gabbana 2011 autumn dress LOOK at close of choice is quite rich, paragraph most contracted, but use of bud silk fabrics, leopard grain or bits, and considerable attract eyeball. Here specially selected two sets of bud silk pants, don't feel Cocktail with skirt, the bud silk pants, slightly in the sexy, actually also quite in place. Printing bright autumn winter season seize person eyeball of bright color although obviously dim down, but the Dolce & amp; Gabbana dress LOOK at the close of 2011 autumn winters there are still quite a few of the bright color printing as a swap. Here especially these dazzling clothes together up Is the beauty of the tropical printing; Pure color high saturation skirt & hellip; & hellip; Don't shy, take off coat immediately make yourself focus is actually very simple. Or have a holiday this increased, oneself give oneself I transform the mood changes. Neutral piece the modelling of qiu dong momentum in 2011, was Dolce & amp; Gabbana 2011 autumn dress LOOK at close of neutral modelling, or serious, or nifty, or use such as silk, stockings so very feminine elements create another neutral illusion, is well worth ponder for reference. Both the wide boys 's coat, and close-fitting clipping of small suit, neutral modelling is always have the effect of the piece. Can be combined with other proper deserve to act the role of mix build, like Look at close of hat and gloves to add, or with high-heeled shoes, at the bottom of the water table is very good choice. Leisure knitting qiu dong season there is no knitting more warm and comfortable, Dolce & amp; Gabbana dress LOOK at the close of 2011 autumn winters knitting leisure class modelling, ensure you in comfortable warm keep proper model case on the basis of the model. Careful observation, it is found that the trick is to relaxation is tie-in, wide sweater with short skirt shorts or tight pants, the formation of the effect of A word, or upper body is relatively tight knitting deserve wide Angle of the pants, clever among the waist. Knitting wear a character to see how to match! Style of coat do street for Dolce & amp; Gabbana 2011 autumn dress LOOK at close coat, special summary to you. Cortical fabrics and it is easy to see the simulation PI cao is the use of this one season Dolce & amp; Gabbana dress Look at the key point of close, warm and small luxury at the same time. Another quality fabrics and leather and fur of mix is the highlight of window, 2011 qiu dong is the closet of a single product! Colour respect, the color is still the mainstream of qiu dong, of course, but the dark red, soft naked color is also very piece of choice. It is composed by shop 01.12.2013
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