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When Your Life Becomes Unburdened From Alcohol

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:02pm

You may have been drinking for years and the cumulative effect of the alcohol and your actions has taken a toll on your health and your general existence.


Where do you even start? How do you begin to piece back together a life that was once so hopeful and now bears only a resemblance to what you and others thought would transpire?


As ridiculous as it seems to say just now, it does get better. The burden you feel now is nothing like the burden you were experiencing every hour of every day while drinking uncontrollably, telling lies and living deceptively. You were living for your next drink, that time when the alcohol would burn away all your stress along with any cognitive ability you had remaining. You were fooling no one.


You may feel your life now seems in suspended animation and you have no idea what to do next. You might barely remember what you did in the past, yet you know you need to try to get well again. You owe it to yourself and others to resume your life in total control and free from that alcoholic baggage and unhealthy lifestyle. It is so worth the effort if you can only alleviate over-thought and the “what-ifs”.


What did you expect after drinking yourself senseless for so many years? You are paying the price for over indulgence, an unforeseen addictive behavior that had been lurking and waiting to pounce and years of self-abuse and neglect. Getting past this realization will assist you to a great extent in getting your life back. It will unburden you from not only the physical effects of alcohol but also the emotional damage caused by it.


When you can say, “I know I screwed up and I accept that. I need to start getting my life together again and make up for lost time, and I must do it WISELY” you will begin to feel like you are regaining that lost control. You need to start somewhere and you need to start fresh. Forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past and begin to formulate a plan for your future.


It may be too late to start where you left off from a career perspective, so you may need to analyze your options and make a decision about your direction that benefits YOU. If you have family to consider, you should thank God they still have faith in you and make considerations with them and YOU in mind. Formulate a plan to recover your life and follow your plan making adjustments where needed — nothing is perfect. The point is that to begin to make up for lost time means you need to start somewhere. The time for mourning what was is over and the time for action is now.


It is not a bad idea to carefully assess risk, but at the same time it can be debilitating if you are afraid to make choices – good or bad – to help you make a fresh start or continue living fully from where you left off. Major decisions gone badly can be difficult on recovery with old ideas resurfacing that could jeopardize your progress to this point. Part of the recovery process is learning how to cope with those things that got you in trouble drinking in the first place. In other words, move forward with your eyes wide open.


Be prepared for all eventualities when making a decision that could affect your life long term. An unburdened life means shedding the past and getting on with your future. Doing this in a controlled manner and sober are two things you now have going for you. Measure your steps but be sure to take them. Mistakes will be made along the way, but at least you’ll be able to say you were sober if you make them.


The freedom you will experience when you are finally able to make decisions without having to depend on drink is exhilarating. You can begin to see progress made with your life and you are able to laugh and live alcohol free, things you once imagined would never happen again when you were in the depths of alcoholic despair. When your life once again has a purpose, a direction YOU choose to live after years of being tethered to a bottle you will then truly experience a life unburdened by alcohol and what an amazing feeling it is!


It’s true this feeling of completeness and well-being always seems to be just out of reach for many unfortunates but there is a solution that exists. There is a treatment program available that offers hope and a proven process for self development, personal happiness and contentment. The FreedomFromAlcohol Life Design and Strategies Program offers experienced professional consultative counseling for those recovering from alcohol addiction and who are only satisfied with successful outcomes.


Doctor Michael Pearlman, program director, is a distinguished Life Strategist who is able to identify with his clients because he is first and foremost a recovering alcoholic who has struggled with the same issues in recovery as every alcoholic must. His years of experience effectively serving hundreds of alcohol addicted clients bode well for anyone similarly afflicted by alcohol and is besieged by a mediocre recovery and erroneous long term prospects. Read How Others Have Flourished With Michael Pearlman’s Guidance And Personal Life Strategies.


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