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What to Consider Before Submitting Your Articles Online - AMERICAN-GAME

Posted Jan 31 2013 7:02am

Ifyou head to your favorite search engine and research"submit your article" or free content," you can findhundreds of sites willing to consider your article forpublication so that they have fresh content on their sites plus content for their clients sites - on an ongoing basis.

However, posting articles can become very time consuming REFLECTIVEBLOGGER.COM.So to make sure you make the most of your article writingand submission process, here are some factors to considerfirst.

1. Invest a little time for research and find out where the bestsites are for your niches / topics SLEEPINGPARK.COM. Ask on forums and withothers in your fields of interest, and learn where your articleswill receive the most exposure.

Also make sure that sitesthat offer your article have the correct terms of reprintrights policies FASHIONABLESUMMER.BIZ.2. Determine Page Rank for each article site directoryunder consideration to learn how fast the site is growingand how well the database is maintained and kept fresh.

Therank is important because your page rank will eventually becalculated by the rate of the website that has inboundlinks to your website. Check online for free ranking toolslike one here: , article websitecontent owners may consider special joint venturepromotions with you. Might want to look into this.4. Article directories might want to reward frequentpublishers with specials. This can include additionallow-cost or no-cost promotions for your article. So keepon the look out for special deals.5. Posting articles needs to be thought out so that you getyour article in the appropriate category. You also want tocheck the reputation and history of a content directory, tomake sure you are putting your article in a place that willimprove your reputation, and not damage it.6. By getting your article published in a highly admiredcontent site, your article may be published in more ezinesand on more websites. This means more visitors through yourresource box linkThere are several pieces of software that automate theprocess, and there are also places that will do thisarticle submission service for you. Check around, ask onforums and try some to see which work best for you. Notethat many content sites have banned particular automatedsoftware submissions because of inaccuracies and majorproblems with their experience using the software. For example, many content websites will accept html, there are also many that totally ban it. Automatic software has been known tocause major errors with html error coding issues, causingmajor headaches for list owners and content site editors.
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