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What I Did To Stop Alcohol Abuse

Posted May 31 2010 12:23am
Ways to Prevent Alcohol Abuse

There are lots of ways on how to prevent you from abusing alcohol. These ways do not need step by step procedures or detailed information to understand and be aware of. For those people who want to stop drinking or just cut their excessive alcohol consumption to prevent abusing the addictive substance, you must be familiar with these ways in order to prevent alcohol abuse and to stop binge drinking. If you are one of the people who really want to totally break free from the habit, the best way to absolutely prevent alcohol abuse is to act on the problem. Take actions and try to do it for the better. It is a powerful weapon and it can help you to begin the recovering process.

Taking actions to stop alcohol abuse because you realized alcohol abuse or binge drinking can bring a lot of troubles to you and to your family is the best way to tackle the problem. This alone will begin your journey to the correct track of sobriety and help you to recover from all the bad effects of abusing alcohol. So, everybody who is thinking to give up alcohol or wean off on drinking, you can now put into mind that there is a single step that you can and need to do that is further influential than something else. This “thing” alone will create you the proper starting point on the way to recovery and assist you to get your life on the success. Merely put it this way: taking action is the greatest thing that you can implement in order to win over alcohol abuse.

No matter how little these steps you are making, you have at least the chance of making it bigger later on. What is great about this is that the minor changes you are making will develop and somehow be useful and helpful on your journey to becoming sober for the rest of your life. Instead of hanging with your old drinking buddies that you used to join, avoid them and just try to go home to see your family. Take to time to bond with the family members by means of dinner or snack.

If you are able to act on your drinking problem correctly, you can actually do the “little steps” and start to do the “big steps” later on. Instead of just finding and reading stop drinking articles on blogs and websites, by taking actions, no matter how tiny or irrelevant it might appear, you are putting your self away from the dilemma of alcohol abuse which many people fall into. The minute you realized you have to stop alcohol abuse , you must do some actions immediately in order to get away to the situation of just simply understanding facts about alcoholism in any piece of writing. You are not only thinking of quitting drinking and how alcohol has ruined your life but you are now doing something on how you can solve and resolve the problems at hand. You are now acting to all the negative effects of the addiction on your life and making steps (even little steps) on how you can change your life and the lives of other people around you for the better.

The result of your prevention is a long term sobriety. Always think of that. Don’t be afraid of making such actions to stop alcohol abuse. This is the right time for you to act on your drinking problems. There is no one or anything that can help you but yourself. Family members, friends, alcohol rehabilitation centers and programs, methods to stop drinking are only supporting facts. The most important aspect is you taking actions on the problem. This is the correct moment, now that you are starting to realize you need to stop drinking alcohol. You can do this by means of putting into your mind that you can really do this.

Alcohol abuse happens when you allow it to happen. Now, let’s accept the fact that you are now hooked and is preparing to get out but it seems you can’t get out. Only that you do something that you can get out and live a healthier, normal life. The moment you address the problem and stop abusing alcohol, it is only the time you can have the controlled life you are dreaming of. It is not easy and it is not a piece of cake. But as I have said before, you must always remember that you need to stop drinking to gain back the controlled life you wish to get back. Getting supports are always welcome. Supports from family and friends are helpful if being put into the right place of comfort. It is also good if you are getting advice from alcoholism experts or alcohol support groups that will not only give you some medical advice but can monitor you development while in the process. Giving up alcohol is very difficult so you need all the help you can get while undergoing alcoholism treatments.

Think of the reason why you are abusing alcohol. Maybe because of personal problems that you think and believe can be solved by drowning yourself to abusing alcohol. You loose; you are the one that get drowned. And problems swim away because the swim good. And you are left behind still abusing alcohol and continuously in the verge of becoming an uncontrolled and addicted individual. Now, you need to have good reasoning to solve all those personal problems and you need to tackle them one by one in order to prevent you from abusing alcohol. If you think you can solve the problems by binge drinking, you may want to change that thought and make another disposition that will enhance your attitude.

Many people say “I want to stop drinking alcohol”. But they are not moving their selves into the solution and continue to be controlled by alcohol. If you really want to prevent alcohol abuse from happening again and you want to stop drinking, I strongly urge you to make plans and take actions to obtain that goal.
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