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What can I do when I get bored and crave a drink?

Posted by Harp Girl

I just want to stop drinking unless it is a VERY special occasion.
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Fore and foremost you can always seek professional guidance if you're looking to help eliminate alcohol from your routine. They have the professional experience to help you figure out the root of your actions so you can nip it in the bud.

 Other than that, have you tried substituting someting healthy for a drink? If you notice that every time you feel some emotion, or are in some situaiton that you want a drink, it might be helpful to have something on hand that replaces a drink. For example you could chew gum, or drink a glass of water. This might help you disassociate those feelings with drinking with something else, cutting the amount you drink. Some people also say that having to answer to someone helps. Maybe every time you drink you have to tell your parents, a friend, or a significant other. It makes drinking require more thought because you'll then have to think about, and admit to drinking. It won't be a light easy action because of the work that you'll have to do after it. 

 Remember to always speak to your doctor before starting any treamtent. Hope it all works out for you, good luck! 

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