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What A Future Mum-To-Be should to dress

Posted Oct 19 2012 10:44am

Every mother hopes to dress appropriately during business hours, not because of physical changes that affect the image of the past. So, what pregnant women should wear to work in order to achieve the desired effect?

Select the same dress of texture and color. Stay away from complex color pattern, colorful clothes, but attention is placed on the selection of dark clothes. Since dark clothes (black, Brown, Navy Blue) are suitable for many occasions, also easier to match. Select the suitable clothes and don't think the big size. Fit of clothes will make you look clean and tidy and pleasant.

If mother wants to wear a skirt. You can purchase high quality elastic texture Cone-shaped skirt, if it is made of cotton or Lycra skirts or elegant made of elastic fabrics or wool gabardine skirt, it suits during their normal work wear. And the length of the skirt to the knee is the most appropriate length, it looks more professional, but also to reveal the leg, did not look bloated. Black is the preferred color, because black has a slimming effect, as well as with any other color clothes match.

If mother wants to wear trousers. Mother could try matching flat boots, but it is best to choose fit trousers. That kind of below the knee leg gradually become wider "shoe-shaped pants" will make your legs look better. In time of the belly is not particularly large, you can also select a normal pant, a normal pant can not to wear and then select special pregnant women pants. However, because the mother workers have to face computer, so you have better to wear anti radiation clothes.

Mothers can buy a few sets of sports jacket. This jacket has light weight, pockets and v-shaped collar, which is very suitable for normal work wear. Do not select too wide, you want to fit as much as possible, if you feel the abdomen tight wearing time can open the buttons underneath. As your belly grows larger, does not a button. If the normal Blazer is not appropriate, can also buy designed specifically for the mother-to-be, bottom did not receive body design of the jacket. It down comfortably on your belly, smooth lines is exquisite skill.

Prepare a black dress, such like casual maternity dresses, the mother-to-be can wear separately or match jacket to wear. Black color dress is simple and elegant, the most suitable for you time not sufficient time, when too late to bother to match selection. You can select the texture of wool or synthetic fibers, though not very elegant, but it is easy to handle, does not require dry cleaning. Select high waist style, to outline the curves of the body, to reduce a bloated feeling.

Choose the right shirt. Of course, maybe you used most of the time in pregnancy t-shirts to match the jacket. But some occasions you need to wear a shirt alone. Maternal and infant supplies specializes in personnel recommends that you choose a loose short shirt. Collar shirt is the better choice, because it can highlight your beautiful collarbone, neck long, people look very spiritual. V-neck or boat-shaped collars are good.

Mother should prepare some stockings. Select monochrome stockings matching dresses. If you mix black skirt you can select black sheer stockings. If varicose veins on the leg lines, select opaque leggings, however it is better to expose a small cut leg, because for the mother-to-be, legs is the best way to show the lines of parts of the body, must be shown.

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