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Weird, Wild Stuff (warning: not a serious post)

Posted Nov 15 2010 12:00am

Submitted for your consideration, an ordinary, middle-aged couple move to another state... a state where neither have lived previously... yet a state strangely familiar... Pam and Roy have just moved to  . . .



  • Mississippi's state flower is the Magnolia.  My first ever online password was "magnolia"(NO, I no longer use this ANYWHERE, so don't even try it).
  • Mississippi's state bird is the Mockingbird. One of my favorite Southern authors is Harper Lee, and To Kill a Mockingbird has always been one of my fave books and movies (L-O-V-E Gregory Peck in this role - his absolute best IMHO).  On the other hand, I canNOT STAND that song by Carly Simon! [*shudder*]
  • I now live in a subdivision named Twelve Oaks, which was the name of Ashley's family estate in Gone With The Wind, my ALL TIME favorite Southern book and movie (I don't usually list it in my online profile information 'cuz it's gotten a little controversial, which is stupid.  You can't judge a movie from the 30's by 21st century political views!!)
  • To continue with the GWTW thing or theme, I live on Scarlett Drive, and Scarlett O'Hara has ALWAYS been my secret heroine and role model. I mean, here she was supposed to be this prim and proper Southern belle and to behave accordingly, but she knew how to get what she wanted and did what it took! I think it's that rebellious, independent, "I'll show you!" attitude I identify with and admire. Hopefully, it's not her selfishness and ruthless narcissism!
  • Last but not least: I named my car "Bonnie Blue" years ago, after Bonnie Blue Butler, Scarlett and Rhett's daughter (who dies tragically in a riding accident). "Bonnie Blue" is the name of one of the streets in our neighborhood (!!!)

OMG!! Can you freakin'BELIEVE this?


Dooh-dooh-dooh-dooh-dooh-dooh-dooh-dooh (that's supposed to be the theme music from The Twilight Zone TV show.)

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