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We nike free 3.0 v3 sale can become good friends The mood of anxiety

Posted Nov 29 2012 7:52am
The time is still heavy and slow forward, I struggled to live only hope tomorrow is holiday. I can no longer see him, do not have to wake up painful memories. Finally time to lose, everything is so long, the the former atmosphere has dissipated, only a faint shadow of the heart I bore lingering.Sunset under the edge of the woods, through the lush foliage viewing thin broken pieces afterglow time and time again reminds Xiaowei, look up and see the day that a few weeks bow not really feel good, have become accustomed to, and his womens nike free 4.0 v2 heart together very uncomfortable. Time and time again I want to go up with it and because of a lack of courage, but the final retreat. And he also seems to have anything to say, several times, hovering behind me, but in the end no outlet ...

Until one day I finally got up the nerve to write him a letter, went to his house familiar door, I again two fuzzy, I inserted the letter in the door, and knocked after hiding suddenly saw that he was, for the moment, just back from the outside, found a significant letter. I flew all the way home. The way I think he will forgive me for it? We nike free 3.0 v3 sale can become good friends? The mood of anxiety and restlessness haunt me.Got home, I found the door surprisingly folder a letter. Gently open, greeted by striking a row of words:Xiao Ning:"I'm sorry to see you so good I'm glad ... original strenuous efforts for you, so ...... you have been my best friend, I miss the continuation of this precious friendship, but I'm going now to go to a distant place where I like the sea ... but we will always be friends, geographic distance not pull open mind thoughts, our hearts are buried together, and has been hidden, and will continue to hide ... '
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