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Vidic to the sidelines for treatment 41

Posted Feb 03 2013 1:53am
"Yes, he has fully recovered, but before we really told him tomorrow whether the play worried, but the speed of his recovery after Saturday completely beyond my expectations, he now has no problem. "Flamini Zhengding Vidic head collided Vidic to the sidelines for treatment. 41 minutes, Pirlo left precise diagonal long pass Abarth  nike air max 90 australia    bottom line pass by Nani damage Chudi Xian Pirlo on the right corner, Flamini volley the ball 28 meters in front of Ying vaidya odd denied. After 1 minute, Ronaldinho left, crossing the ball to be top of the Young library top back to the restricted area, Borriello ferry headed to the left, Andrea Pirlo failed to Fletcher strict precautions against kicker. 45 minutes, Nani left grounder pass, Fletcher misses to the left in the 26 meters in front of his right foot volley.

Easy side, Leonardo Seedorf replacing Bonera, Ambrosini retracement play halfback, but began only 53 seconds of the second half, Manchester United on the expansion of the score! Pirlo midfielder left cross, approached assists Tiago - Silva stopping control range, Nani steals left foot outside the instep pass into the disease, Ambrosini back to catch less than Rooney Road outflank the time before the attack   nike air max 95 australia Abbiati dial into Buddhism, 13 meters in front of the right foot (Click to watch the goals video), 2, 0, Manchester United is a total score of 5 to 2 lead ball completely kill died suspense, Rooney 51 Champions League ball 19, total personal goals this season to 30. Beckham began to warm up on the sidelines, and Valencia on the right small-angle volley wide of the near post.
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