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users "little pure really not the taste."

Posted Dec 02 2012 5:28am

But many users said, this is a hard-earned

money, hardly worth the effort.December 1, the reporter learned from Changsha many

decoration, renovation m cheap air jordan 2012 shoes    arket Shanggong price of the highest Mason, a daily wage of

about 180 yuan to 200 yuan; carpenters, painters, plumbers and electricians wage of

about 160 to 180 .Luo said in the decoration of 20 years, most of today's young people

do not want to engage in renovation work, retirement Every year, a number of old

decoration master Fitters highest bid from one of the reasons. The reporter Xia Sheng

intern Luo YingyingOri jordan shoes 2011 for sale     ginal title: Wenzhou falling market indicates that the property

market is rational return not out of reachHong Beijing, December 2 news (reporter Wei

snow), according to Voice of China "aspect News" reported, Wenzhou, this birth of

China's first group of real estate speculators city feel in this season of colorful

leaves from the property market chill. Urban land price monitoring data show that the

Ministry of Land and Resources announced third quarter, Wenzhou, residential land prices

fell 18.03%, and a number of properties for sale from 5,6 square meters in case of fall

now 30,000 yuan a square meter, is the largest city of the national real estate price

cut.Wenzhou property market had led the nation, is now leading the decline nationwide.

Wenzhou property bubble burst in what is still a temporary decline  Wenzhou, the

property market will go in the future The reporter saw Vanke the Longwan Garden of huge

advertising hanging in Wenzhou airport exports. Bright picture, the location of drill,

to ensure that every one out from the airport, the rise can see the low price of 13,000

yuan per square meter live Vanke publicity. Sales personnel, the Longwan Garden Open

day, 13,000 per square meter of small units will be sold out.Sales staff: cheap now,

because of the opening day to sell, now only 16, 17 and 18 layers.Popular does not mean

the opening of sales earnings. It is understood that Vanke obtained the Longwan garden

plot floor price of 12,749 yuan per square meter, land a total of about 23 billion yuan.

Average cost plus installation cost, taxes, marketing cost per square meter of housing

estate of more than two million, Vanke sales price 13000-20000 apparently at a loss.

Vanke Why 赔本赚吆喝  Wenzhou University Real Estate Institute researcher Chen Hong in

"price for volume" is the main means of Wenzhou property developers should be weak.Wolf

Chen: mainly to lower prices in exchange for sales. 14 properties for sale, without

exception, are in the inside in this process, to go this route. This there will be a

very, very big gap between the price and the value originally expected. For example in

terms of the original expectations of the market, the developer's expectations are more

than the average price of 80,000 dollars, in fact, it calculates the average price is 40 air jordan 1 retro shoes

006 thousand. Does have a very large gap between the expectations of 40,006 thousand

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