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Usb power pack supply, so the journey is no longer power failure

Posted Jan 15 2013 6:45am
With the rising of people's living standards, to travel has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Well, when we travel, mobile phones and digital cameras should carry essential, some in order to pass the
Boring journey by car will even bring the iPad and other tablet PCs. So many digital products, a charger every kind of trouble, even if there is a charger, it can only be in the hotel before they can charge the trouble! However, if a usb power pack supply, of all no electricity troubles, all solve all charger do not have with a mobile power all buttoned.


Travel with a mobile power purchase note the following:

1.Capacity: digital products carry when traveling, the power consumption must be large, so as much as possible through the first purchase larger capacity mobile power, of course, too much is not good, because of the large capacity, inevitably heavier It is not convenient to carry, it is recommended that in 8000mAh-10000mAh.

2, charging port Note: purchase, the purchase of mobile power charger for iphone charging port Caixing must have all your digital products, so that it can be done, a mobile power all get in hand, the interface does not match is not take.

3, the charging voltage and current: the purchase of mobile power your digital products must meet in the charging voltage and current.

4.Safety: travel mobile power, but the player has stated, so be sure to buy the regular manufacturers original authentic mobile power was not to buy cheap cottage mobile power. In addition, it is recommended to buy lithium polymer batteries, mobile power, more secure, and more portable.

5.Flashlight function: mobile power proposed purchase with a flashlight function, when traveling might need them for a rainy day.


6.Summary: If you go to buy, according to more than a few believe can purchase mobile power to meet your travel needs, Finally, I wish you a pleasant journey, to bid farewell journey to power off the troubles.

In addition to these travelers, mobile power can be used as a home standby products, such as encountered under outage or Yijiu conditions, can be treated as a very good life emergency, this fact, manufacturers need to conduct more in-depth step discussion. Mobile power charging that the concept of the expansion of the breadth and depth from a single phone. Mobile power markets will go more far-reaching.
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