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United Kingdom 13-year-old girl pregnant bizarre swimming pool

Posted Mar 15 2010 5:51am

Polish mother, Magdalena with a 13-year-old daughter, Kate, upon returning to Egypt Tourist and found that her daughter was pregnant.Magdalenatracing the truth, it is amazing.

Magdalena is a 33-year-old Warsaw, Poland, a strong single mother. 19 years old, she fell in love with a homeless artist pregnancy, after the departure of the artist ruthless, gave birth to her daughter Kate. May 27, 2009, Kate 13-year-old birthday, Magdalena took her to Egypt tourism, in Alexandria city, they stay at the luxurious Hotel Windsor Palace. Kate indoor swimming pool with a swim in the hotel Magdalena, I've met a call from the Czech capital of Prague, close Markowitz Henrik wildlife photographer. Henrik left for Magdalena deep impression, but in the face of his appointment the invitation, and she hesitated. June 3, Magdalena and her daughter Kate, when ready to check-out to leave the waiter a bouquet of colorful tulips will be sent over, tulip is Henrik gave Magdalena's. 

Return to Warsaw after the Magdalena Henrik mind emerge from time to time goes on with a smile face. Nevertheless, the situation years ago, injuries, she was afraid to contact Henry. In the Magdalena mood swings, they found the body very healthy daughter, came back from Egypt actually is sleepiness.Early July, she was feeling ill at ease with his daughter Kate to the hospital for treatment. The results were astounding: 13-year-old Kate actually pregnant!

 Under questioning in the Magdalena, daughter Kate insisted there was no sexual relations with others.Detailed memories of his daughter more than a month all the details of life, including her daughter's underwear, she did not found my daughter has unusual move. Suddenly, she remembered the night before left Egypt, Kate in the hotel's heated swimming pool of that scene. Then she remembered a man not long ago, Germany had a mixed tour of men and women led to a swimming pool in the wet dream pregnant woman pregnant with report. And they live in that house the hotel's swimming pool in Egypt is also a mix of men and women, and when her daughter comes in January last ovulation. Magdalena convinced that the only explanation for her pregnancy that she has in Egypt, swimming pool, swimming pools left in the sperm of a male nocturnal emission inadvertently entered the body of Kate! 

Angry Magdalena Egypt in what immediately sue on the Windsor Palace Hotel Warsaw, the Polish Tourist Board to require that hotels provide huge compensation. However, the Windsor Palace Hotel Kate refused to recognize the pregnancy and hotel swimming pools for men and women mixed with travel-related. Pregnant daughter thing, Magdalena wanted to secrecy, but the British "Sun", a puts before the public they are pushed to the.Some people think that women's swimming because of exposure to men's sperm left in the water is almost zero probability of pregnancy and that she should bring her to "lie detector" rather than against the Egyptian hotel. Even vividly described her daughter is likely to fall asleep at midnight, after taking advantage of his mother, secretly sneak resort midnight snack bar, and a one-night stand and the local boys. Some even "human flesh search", the seizure of more than 10-year-old Magdalena is pregnant, and is also the fact that a single mother, Kate finds itself identified as a "chaotic" environment, it is not the mother's weight led to her daughter's"repeat." 

Misunderstanding of the world, so that mothers suffering generated by Magdalena.She vowed to find the evidence of her pregnancy, swimming pool for his daughter justice, cleared shame. Magdalena idea to find a heated pool at the entrance to Windsor Palace Hotel camera records, locked out of the pool that time eight men, including her memories came back to Poland frequently played Henrik. She decided to get in touch with them at all costs, and get hair and nails of the type of physical evidence to work with children born after a few months to do DNA identification. 

Contact Magdalena's first husband is a physician located in Moscow, the Bekaaã Alekhine. Her stay at the hotel according to his information provided to find the seventh of his office in Moscow City Hospital clinics, patient treatment status. To leave, pretending to have no intention to collision took away a hair of his head. Subsequently, Magdalena has a different identity and several other men, and to obtain their hair. She alone is not linked with Henrik. Unfortunately, she was afraid of this: She wants to have the man was actually her daughter's father! 

January 6, 2010, Kate in Warsaw Medical University Hospital, the successful re-birth to a healthy 2.5 kg baby boy. To see the child's first glance, Magdalena's heart sank into the abyss of despair: the baby has an almost identical with Henrik's face! To finally given himself and his daughter a wish, even the daughter was also innocent, Magdalena finally summon the courage to go to Prague to meet with Henrik. To see her only son after a divorce to live with a 15-year-old son, Henrik is very excited and hope to build a family with her. Because there was one ten-thousandth of hope, Magdalena this time no one refused to Henrik's love. 

Magdalena with Henrik's hair returned to Warsaw. DNA test results to her fear, Kate's children and Henrik kinship does exist, but the similarities bit but did not meet the usual 99.99%!But lower than this value to many! Magdalenaanxiety as to ask the doctor, who has repeatedly compared the results actually come to the following conclusion: Henrik is the child's uncle, or grandfather, but it can never be the father. 

Subsequently, Magdalena that Henrik is not a person that to Egypt, as well as 15-year-old son, Dimitri.Magdalenaimmediately sent to Henrik Dimitri of a hair, identification results show that Kate turned out to be the child's biological father, Henry's son Dimitri! From the Magdalena, where Henrik was surprised to learn the truth. Dimitris by asking, Henrik learned from his mouth, he met for three consecutive days at the beach an angelic young girl, for her love at first sight. The last day of the last time I saw her was in the hotel's swimming pool. At that time, because the distance too close, his body unable to control the excitement, even his life for the first time in the water spermatorrhea of. Understand this situation, Magdalena has been inspired, and she let Henrik sent from the e-mail in Dimitris photos. Kate saw Dimitris photos at the moment, the face, "brush" to look red, she was the mother admitted that she found that boys encountered at the beach several times a night in the hotel swimming pool swimming habits, is the She must go the night before departure, the real cause of hotel swimming pool! 

Magdalenaãwas completely stunned this series of accidents, and two boys and girls, out of the body's impulse, even a child conceived in the water! This girl's parents of the boys, has also been love at first sight! To calm down after the Magdalena began to feel fortunate for her daughter: she seemingly inexplicably pregnant with a child, has also been "love" of the crystal! Since the pregnancy has been occupied by a sense of humiliation if her soul to know the truth, it will be how happy and relieved ah! Subsequently, Magdalena has made an important decision in life. 

February 14, 2010 Valentine's Day, Henrik flew from Prague to Warsaw, and Magdalena to spend Valentine's Day.Promised a lifetime they decided June 2, 2010 in Alexandria that was ten thousand times cursed Magdalena hotel hosted a grand wedding ceremony and to spend their honeymoon there.As the evidence has been obtained, but to give up compensation claims Magdalena's "compensation", and their wedding and honeymoon all the costs during the period, will be paid Windsor Palace Hotel. And, on the true identity of the child, the hotel with the couple's relationship has signed a confidentiality agreement. They also decided that the other two children grow up, and then tell them that they have a common child the truth.

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