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Tracy McGrady

Posted Dec 06 2012 7:15am
Yesterday afternoon, the Shanghai YuanShen sports center stands full the audience, they did not see the whole is more and more fans to come to see that McGrady, that red rocket 1 shirt can be seen everywhere in the stands, the fans even give Tracy McGrady and yao Ming stand together poster. See these, McGrady is very happy, but wait until the end of the game, looking at 77-93 the score, he can not happy, Qingdao men's basketball team has encountered four straight. But yao's team Cheap Jordan Fly Wade 2 is over three defeats in the first win of the season. "Tracy McGrady" like a stadium memory, but this time, yao Ming is sitting on the President, he was the Shanghai men's basketball team boss, is the host of here. But the master appeared in the stadium, the stands there was sparse "yao Ming, yao Ming" yell, but was soon "T - MAC" voice cover. Fans of the game is not too care about, when the end of the first half, the game also has lost its suspense, Qingdao team at this time already paid twenty points behind. But even if so, when McGrady hand ball, the fans are in for him cry. In the fourth quarter of an offensive, Tracy McGrady to meet CengWenDing Shanghai and ZhangZhaoXu two big long man defense, direct fly up, a tomahawk type split the buckle shocked. This action immediately let a person remember 2006 NBA playoff rockets and the competition, when Tracy McGrady is in this split button shame "big bamboo" Bradley. However, yesterday, this time the dunk was ZhangZhaoXu with foul to stop. CCTV commentator in fine even joked, "at the Reebok Answer 12 moment of ZhangZhaoXu become CBA's wheat black." After the game, yao Ming and didn't go to the rest room to visit old friends, this is the first time this season. But it is understood that the yao Ming and Tracy McGrady to do before the contract, after the game, no matter the outcome, by myself on to reciprocate. "Wheat" g wind Tracy McGrady: I'm tired of this lose the Beijing news dispatch (reporter TianXinXin) after the game, McGrady gloomy face, low head to lounge. When I walked up to the players connection place, McGrady is happy, the original injury no appearance of arenas are waiting there. "The elder brothers, evening invite you to dinner." To join the Shanghai near arenas to Tracy McGrady issued the invitation. "Tonight I have about others." Because Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 prior to yao Ming, Tracy McGrady rejected arenas kindness. McGrady's date is yao Ming, Tracy McGrady and yao Ming invited his wife clay Aaron to dinner, this is between the friend family party. Although have friends to meet, but Tracy McGrady or hard mask disappointment. According to Qingdao media, in the dressing room after the game, McGrady uncommonly start fire to come. "I'm tired of this lose!" Yesterday's game, in addition to Tracy McGrady scored 23 points, only ZhaoYongGang scored in double figures, other teammates give McGrady is too little support. In the face of this situation, Tracy McGrady was very angry, "I have come to China is in order to win, not like this. We played hard, but we must be more sagacity some." See Tracy McGrady ignition, other players are also become silent. Maybe see the teammate of upset, Tracy McGrady finally to encourage his teammates, "now since I started, everyone must take action and other changes. Press "m" take LiuHui: is to consume McGrady fitness "I know this is Shanghai, yao's hometown, my opponent is yao's team, you know, this some special." Once teammates become now rival boss, Tracy McGrady, this is the Blake Griffin Shoes feeling that there are special. However, in an interview before the game, McGrady said, meet an old friend is not the most important, the most important is to his team, "a game we are very close to the victory, the final result some unfortunately. Now whether yao's team, or other people's team, we have to do is have to win. In order to win, Tracy McGrady and yao Ming put off the meeting. Originally, arrived in Shanghai on the same day, yao Ming will invite Tracy McGrady couples to have dinner, but that night, Qingdao basketball team meeting arranged, the manager ZhangShiZhang "reject" McGrady leave requirements. The result is YaoMingYing reunion, he won the new season since the start of the first victory. In order to get the victory, yao's team made special preparation. "Today we help the team very well", the Shanghai men's basketball team captain LiuHui says, "today on the defensive coach arrangement well, highlighted the key, especially for Tracy McGrady, he is the best scorer in the league, our strategy is he can score, but every time you want to spend one hundred percent of the energy, to take his physical. McGrady tired, Qingdao team on offense will lose a lot of fire." And the process of game also verify the Shanghai team strategy effectively, in McGrady fire is limited, Qingdao team and in scoring drought.
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