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Tips on How to Increase the Acer Aspire AS8943G-7744G50Bnss Battery Life

Posted Jan 06 2014 9:41am

If you are one of those people that are unhappy with their Acer Aspire AS8943G-7744G50Bnss battery performance or its battery backup, then I am sure something is wrong with your usage method. I can say this because I am using this laptop since a long time and I found no problem in its battery life and I am getting long hours backup as well from its battery. So I can say if you , battery for Acer Aspire AS8943G-7744G50Bnss is not giving your backup or lifetime, then it is a problem in your usage method and you need to change the way of using it.


In case you are wondering about the secret methods of using battery for Acer Aspire AS8943G-7744G50Bnss so you can get a long life and backup from it, then you don’t have to worry about it because I am going to share the same with you. Basically there are no secrete in it and I am just following the best practices for battery usage that automatically increase the lifetime of my Acer Aspire AS8943G-7744G50Bnss battery without adding any extra effort in it.


The first and the most important thing that I do is, I always protect my Acer Aspire AS8943G-7744G50Bnss battery from all kind of shocks or forceful impact. Many people do not know that even a small crack in battery can damage the Acer battery performance and your laptop battery can easily have this problem due to shock or impact. So, make sure you carry your laptop always in a safe way and you use a good quality laptop bag with enough padding for it so it can absorb all the accidental shocks and forces itself with no extra effort.


Other than this, it is also very important that you should use only genuine KAV60 adapter for your laptop charging. Few people do this mistake that they buy one extra compatible changer and they keep it at their office or home so they do not need to carry it from one place to other. However, this is not recommended to use a compatible Acer adapter because slight voltage changes can reduce the battery backup and over a long period of time it can create serious problems of your Acer Aspire AS8943G-7744G50Bnss battery as well. So, if you are using two different adapters or you buy a new adapter for your laptop make sure you use only genuine one so you can get longest battery life from your laptop.

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