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thousands of yuan in the cheap dr dre beats name of the bag, the wear is hundreds

Posted Dec 10 2012 8:59am

December 2, the report said, "the White House a Cheap Beats By Dre   source a source says, the United States ambassador to the United Nations Susan? If rice to be named as the new secretary of state candidate, she will not only face some republican opposition, not the current secretary of state rare pull li? Clinton's support, because rare pull li think she is not friendly, more hope that senator John? Kerry can take over.

The sources said, rare pull li is obviously not a support rice, "rare pull li and rice relationship is not close, cheap dr dre beats she thinks rice although style strong, but not enough friendly". The latest work on rare pull li rice "outstanding" speech was also thought to is just a play.

Rare pull li recently said he appreciated rice work, "as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, rice work is outstanding. Of course, about my successor to President in the hand, I am very glad to President Obama win re-election, can have the chance to do this decision."

Age, and rice was in 1992 in Clinton's presidential campaign team, this experience opened her political career, and then she went to the national safety council work. From 1997 to 2001, the rice served as beats by dre cheap assistant secretary of state for African affairs is responsible for.

So far, although rice at the us embassy in Libya consulate terrorist attacks on the interpretation of the criticism, but she is still being valued as the next secretary of state. Senior republican senator John McCain, etc with rice talks, attitude appear softening, said not boycott as the next secretary of state condoleezza rice.

The senate foreign relations committee chairman John kerry is another popular choice, however, if kerry as secretary of state must make the senator's seats, this will lead to the two party a fierce seats in the senate race, the Democrats had not dominated, therefore has the analysis says Obama may not be willing to sacrifice the senator kerry seats.

A lot of people are speaking, the entertainment circle is a big dye VAT, stir in a circle, don't want to clean. Light snow thing lasted a long time, but suddenly happened to transfer.

Originally, first boyfriend sun know light snow in fame and wealth ring, lift is frequently tens of thousands of yuan in the cheap dr dre beats name of the bag, the wear is hundreds of thousands of yuan watch, although the surface after more than once, and enable us to give up snow and vanity lead a normal life, but light snow in too deep can not move. "About ten days ago, I heard a song on the Internet by arirang combination of singing called" wore a mask of girl "songs, inflammatory melody and lyrics, every truth I think this song seems to be to light snow 'vanity' true portraiture of life. Then I'll put the song to her." Sun said, this is the song turn the heaven and earth.

Light snow heart deeply touched by the words, plus the sun said he still as before to love with her, to repeat the whole night listening to the wearing masks girl "after, light snow resolutely decided to out of the present erosion life, thoroughly rectify one's errors, like normal person of life, and hope that sun can accept her repentance.

China news agency San Francisco, dec. 3, (reporter separately) local time 3 days afternoon 4 when 42 points around the United States Alaska's largest city near the bay anchorage massive 5.8 magnitude earthquake happened, then nearly ten times smaller aftershocks. There were no casualties and property damage report, Alaska tsunami warning center has not issued a tsunami warning.

The usgs news says, the epicenter of the quake was located 61.230 degrees north latitude and 150.720 degrees west longitude, the focal depth of 53.2 km, in the west of anchorage about 44 km bay.

Anchorage is located in southern Alaska is the state's largest city, with a population of about 100000.

China news agency reporter and anchorage British petroleum company senior engineer NingXiuXu telephone contact us to know, when the earthquake was taking place, he is the office and his colleagues at the meeting.

"Office building height 14, we in the fifth layer, was very clear. I think the whole building like a ship at sea, and I'm shaking have nausea feeling." NingXiuXu said.

NingXiuXu told reporters, "my colleagues and I were very calm, sit in situ didn't move. If you continue shaking, we will immediately drill to under the table to protect themselves. But the earthquake lasted about a minute over, we continue to work."

Building alarm system soon hint, has had the 5.8 -magnitude earthquake, but no injuries or property damage. NingXiuXu half past five driving home after work, family well, the home not damaged.

In the anchorage life of 17 years NingXiuXu told reporters, Alaska often have different magnitude earthquake, "the feeling the most severe, but we have become accustomed to, people are trained how to deal with the earthquake training. All the buildings were timberwork, at the same time with shockproof function, can resist 7, 8 earthquake."

And the west coast of Alaska tsunami warning center geologist cover? E class said the quake would not trigger a tsunami, but affects the central southern Alaska most of the area.

Alaska is located in the world's most active seismic zone, the United States has recorded the history of the most serious earthquake had occurred in this.

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