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this kind of performance to the crowd

Posted Jan 03 2013 11:28am
of the Los Angeles supporters call enjoyable. As a guest CCTV broadcast unitrode application note guidance in see kobe Bryant this vibrant performance, commented: "kobe this is rejuvenation, his breakthrough is still the most threat." A direct and didn't say wrong, air max 2012 womens 34, kobe Bryant this season really let a person have the feeling of rejuvenation. In Steve Nash [micro bo] and pau gasol injury period, it is Bryant's bitter brace led the lakers to a difficult way. Just the past 12 months, kobe Bryant is averaging 33.8 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.6 assists, and his overall performance once again prove yourself, it is almost the best in his career a month. In this age can still improve performance, kobe Bryant of effort is obvious, he in the state up everything on the pitch have fully reflected. Today, in the face of the 76 defense, kobe Bryant did very calmly, his breakthrough almost let opponents no solution, cheap air max 2012 including several moves more chance to top ten best ball. But kobe Bryant is lake two-game road trip in a handful of attack feel good player, his good offensive performance can't stop the team lost. The final 1 minute and second kobe on the left wing forced shot a 3-pointer, and the points gap down to two points, air max 90 but the lakers' defense not to force, they can't guard huo Israel jump shot, they can only look at the score to be draw back again, and finally a bitter pill to swallow at home defeat. In less than 43 minutes of playing time, kobe Bryant and throw in 14, 10 penalty seven, he got 36 points and 6 rebounds, its still maintain a high score state. But today Bryant's good state can't drive side teammates, pau gasol and Howard together become the "Smith", air max 90 mens they are inside the lakers lost the downturn at home. For kobe Bryant, now he has been to attached to individual statistics age, he is more important to the team's victory, he there on the pitch to do every thing, the purpose is to help the team win. Because the feeling of jumpers and is not very good, he more to choose the breakthrough, this ensures that the opponent can attack to bring damage. But Bryant today is DuMuNanZhi, he can't lead the team home pass.
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