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this approach is understandable

Posted Mar 12 2013 2:02am

ce to another, the question naturally solved is such a simple idea. "Wen Qing left the CCTV reason to want to concentrate on filming. CCTV

can not provide a developmen nike roshe run mens on sale   t platform, "CCTV not allowed to host the filming of discipline, others how to take into account that I do not

know, but I was never very timid, very unruly, I want to concentrate on to shoot the drama, so I can only leaving CCTV host job. "

Facing career bottlenecks

1999 Li Yong began hosting "Lucky 52", "select lines of the golden eggs or the silver eggs?" Household. Some critics say, want to know the

"Lucky 52" Just how fire, do not have to read boring ratings. Today, mobile phones are Gesanchawu receive such fraud SMS: "You have been

selected as the the CCTV" lucky 52 "lucky viewers, winning code # ws, please contact 138 × × × × × × × × collect their prizes.

"program influence is evident. Then, Li Yong has presided over the "6 +1" is also quite popular. Li Yong's growing reputation, but also TV

variety show cyclical weakness nike zoom elite 5 womens running     bring the ratings decline, etc. can not be avoided. Recent years either in a spent force "6 +1", new interview

programs "Ode to Music Department, are no longer reproduce Li Yong former glory.
Everyone's career possible bottlenecks, the feeling did not fit in the development of this industry, to find another opportunity in order to

play the strong, this approach is understandable.

Morning News reporter Wang Lin

Li Yong of this jump, jump back to nike free haven 3.0 mens for sale    the campus from the host community, he allegedly engaged in teaching in the Broadcasting and Hosting Art

Institute of Communication University of China, is mainly responsible for nurturing talent variety show host professional direction. Li Yong

was originally 88 Bo Yinxi graduates of Beijing Broadcasting Institute (the predecessor of the Communication University of China),

overwhelmed returned to his alma mater will obviously Qingjushulu. Of course, Li Yong quit identity from host becomes a teacher, but there is

still hosting a radio show in CCTV, such as Zhang Shaogang, who is also a teacher of presenters and Communication University of China two

identities. For Li Yong, he presided over the road left the CCTV may even broader broaden his stage from the "6 +1" CCTV Spring Festival to

the local television stations, activities conference.

Compared to other industries, the threshold of the line of the host to be much higher, its sound looks professional experience have

requested. Even so, there are still many presenters to give up the years trained tongue twisters, boast industry quit. Oprah quit in recent

years, the longest span when the number of Wang and Zhang Zheng. Wang CCTV in February 1994 and has served as moderator "Oriental Son",

"investigative journalism", "Face to Face" program. In 2008, Wang abandon the auspices of the microphone in politics, sending Lijiang City

Vice Mayor. After that, Wang also has worked at the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, Communication University of China, and other units. Zhang

Zheng CCTV moderator highest educational level, leave Zhengda Arts in 2004 as deputy head of China Broadcasting Art Troupe, as Altay

Prefectural Committee in 2009, the beginning of the year as the Guizhou Provincial the Qianxinan Committee secretary.

Change platform

With the development and growth of the media industry, television media is no longer is the CCTV a dominant situation, so frequent in recent

years from the CCTV host Skip to local stations, or jumping around between different local stations situation.

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