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Thirty year old man opened flower flower-wood beads

Posted Jan 05 2012 3:11am
"The man is 20 years of semi-finished products, 30 years is finished, 40 years of age is fine, 50 years of age is the best, 60 sample, 70 years is a waste". Although not fully understand the meaning, but the heart that beauty is very comfortable. Then, thirty years has passed, seeing the c Moncler Jackets For Women onfusion, but did not see "bud" blossom bright! Rome philosopher Seneca said, "under the thatch lived free man; marble and gold roost under slaves". Twenty years old man without money, young is the cap Nike Free Shoes ital.; man of forty years old no Discount canada goose parka t to save money, life is too short, the dreams do, why try unfinished dream? Why be cynical, cool save money, live with. The most pitiful, most embarrassing is that men in thirties, hiking in the halfway up the mountainside -- in no retreat, often hate not a cent Baban. Three five dollars of inferior liquor together on a peanut can let a few frustrated LaPO man having a few drinks, shouted several voices "fight revver". Fear of fulfillment of Fre Christian louboutin sale nch painter Renoir that "when you have a good steak when teeth have been lost," prophecy. The fate of a man playing elegant, spend money to hire a "gunman" manuscripts "memoirs" or "autobiography", inventory of life. When leisure, director for "the bridges of Madison county". Of course, the most beautiful red sunset way, sixty years old ladies and prosperously start twilight romance, passion but no boys and girls. Pity the thirty already had not made men, neither the young and dangerous "cool", and no man's vic Discount Supra Shoes issitudes and the atmosphere, like a tasteless, hesitate to discard sth. the chicken: wood beads a suit and tie, as insur Discount Tiffany Rings ance; wear T-shirts slippers, as just come off sentry duty; bag bag trousers Ba Nike Free shoes ckpack Travel shoes, is definitely a dabbler. The Buddha has the cloud: the form is emptiness, empty empty empty color, color, color! Including me, a lot of people do it, then, many people will fall to earth, never beyond the day. Thirty years has passed the man only confidante, tea to hide a pot of flower heart dream -- to disperse the n Cheap nike free ight is cold. An Americ Nike Free Run an doctor said, "greed has infection in our society. This is the most terrible infection". In fact, bad is not greed, fear. Fear in the eyes of others is not successf the north face sale ul, afraid of their own missed the neighbor. Thirty years is a tag, is a watershed, is a man of mature, marry and settle down "deadline". After thirty years, the physiological indicators will be thirty years old this "pinnacle" after the fall, like novels peaked, results in the "lights", no ...
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