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the TV boring Mensao afternoon new balance 999 sale knocking on the door

Posted Nov 28 2012 1:45am
The kids all day dreaming are looking forward to the New Year, the big people in this serene atmosphere make arrangements with the housework, and as students, in a warm sun in the afternoon, take a deep bite air to release the past year pressure; a passing school or with friends, take the one of the unlucky curse.Chinese education mechanism of high school life was too tired. Those graduating from junior high school students if it is not the same school, most have lost contact with more than one hundred days of classroom career basically cut off from all outside contact.Z is a sky gloomy, the TV boring Mensao afternoon new balance 999 sale knocking on the door. I was sitting on the couch in a daze, I suddenly heard the door burst familiar restlessness, so I immediately got up, looked outside like that bitter melon dull faces.If not last summer that a few times to go with field exam, I have not seen for a long time Z how?

After graduating from junior high school, the Z went to a school in the south of the city he is to go quietly, whether QQ, MSN, and even BLOG on never talked to us a word, then the only thing I want to say is "this kid really enough friends! "Of course, this guy is a good friend he just disappeared in my side for six months, until today, but fortunately, he still remember my home address.In addition to the height a little shorter than I am (than I), he was almost nothing changed. Greeting after a while, we decided to go to junior high school when the other new balance 996 sale partner C.C is an unusually lively guy, junior high school consorting with me all day, in addition to the more prominent achievements, was that many teachers looked down upon another in common with high school went to the field.
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