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The true competitor for iPad is not Android Tablet PC

Posted Sep 06 2012 9:29am

Beijing, September 6, United States Science and technology blog site The Verge recently carried an article to say that Amazon is expected to at least publish a new Kindle Fire tablets on Thursday, which will once again prove that Android Tablet PC's biggest threat is not necessarily the iPad, Android Tablet PC manufacturers but production hasn't been fully invested to ensure the success of Android platform. Article stated that failed on the Android Tablet has created a huge opportunity for Microsoft.

On Thursday, we expect Amazon will at least publish a new Kindle Fire tablet, and plus a new eBook reader. If you agree with the Amazon in some degree of "fuzzy math", then Kindle Fire apparently is most successful on the market of Android tablets; but for Android, it is a little strange boast: Kindle Fire was only loosely based on the literal meaning of Android system "runs", while in fact it is the foundation of Amazon ecosystems. Kindle Fire is Amazon's content delivery device, instead of Android tablets.

Seen from a leaked new Kindle Fire interface, Android even further deep in the background—for a casual user, may not even know it is Android system. Kindle Fire is carrying Android operating system, is for application compatibility, and not Android itself. This underline a decision of the Amazon, there is fighting between ecosystems, rather than between operating systems. However, this is not a very easy choice; and the success of Amazon Kindle Fire precisely demonstrated a Google uncomfortable fact that Android Tablet failure has created a huge opportunity for Microsoft.

Google's Android operating system has achieved great success on the Smartphone, has suffered a failure on the Tablet, there are many reasons for this – say people cannot afford the spirit of bad hardware and third-party software, and so on – but when it comes to the final, the biggest problem lies in the lack of a value for consumers, a single Android Tablet PC ecosystem. For all those who tried, just is based on "having an Android tablet" idea and would like to publish a successful Android tablet, which is basically an impossible thing.

The success of Kindle Fire is associated with Amazon insights, the strategy of company is using Android as a method of starting another ecosystem, this ecosystem can deliver value to consumers; and other companies are competing to use the same model, or even Google's own as well. In addition to being a gateway to Google Play "window" outside, Nexus 7 or what? If you really have any phone, then Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are Android iPod Touch "an answer", rather than a response to iPad – perfect for these devices consume media content and mobile applications, but cannot be used as a substitute for notebooks.

Even companies like Samsung and Sony that are historically a hardware-centric company, also tried to intervene that held last week eco-system in this area at the IFA exhibition. The two companies are promoting their own made attempts to build an ecosystem--namely the Samsung "s ecological systems" (s Ecosystem) and is not yet a reality, "a Sony" (One Sony) ecosystem--and both companies are likely to be too much boasting of ecological systems that have not yet actually existed. However, this is still better than clear abandoned: an Android tablet placed on store shelves, but does not promise to build a rich, support cloud service of its own eco-system, it would be tantamount to accepting a failure. Sony and Samsung insisted they have valuable ecosystems, and see that they say is the Amazon's success to become the focus of attention: Kindle Fire is actually a boring piece of hardware, but have a set of services support that people likes, and Kindle Fire made a radical change to Android. However, Apple iPad is difficult to beat, after all, Apple iPad have a lot of fans, now iPad Mini is coming, Apple iPad will get more and more fans, what is more, they are willing to pay for periphery products, such as best cheap ipad2 cases, ipad2 power packs, ipad holders, cheap new ipad cases and so on.

Google recognized that for many in the area of mobile OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to build a common platform was unavoidable things, and the company wants to ensure that it will not be marginalized. When it comes to the final, compared with worries about the Android fragmentation, Google on common platforms like Windows Mobile's proprietary solution is much to worry about. Google may be the original equipment manufacturers and operators failing to update the device, as well as on the Android operating system in Kindle Fire sense of presence is missing some heartache, but this certainly is better to launch a common platform earlier than Microsoft.

Google did well in such a strategy in the field of smartphones, but in the field of tablet computers, the success of "Windows" is rapidly closing. After all, most of the Android original equipment manufacturers also are Microsoft original equipment manufacturers, and success of Windows 8 and Windows RT, with its huge potential, have the potential to become a strong competitor of the Apple iPad tablet computer. For original equipment manufacturer, Microsoft has spent billions of dollars in funds to develop Windows system, then why do we have to spend money to turn Android Tablet into a laptop alternative? When you have the ability to dig huge Windows when the user base, why don't you try to create an independent ecosystem, with industry giants such as Apple, Amazon and Google compete? In Windows "don't-call-it-Metro" when explosive growth in the emerging application, why continue to revolve around status bad Android Tablet PC application "dancing"? It perhaps the most important is, when all the Android original equipment manufacturers, both at the time of payment of licensing fees to Microsoft, why continue to venture production Android tablet computer?

Kindle Fire had previously taught us, this week will also teach us, is that Android Tablet PC's biggest threat is not necessarily an iPad--Android Tablet PC manufacturers but production has not conducted a full investment to ensure the success of Android platform. Now the difference is that Android finally have Windows original equipment manufacturer that viable alternatives, and Google will need to choose one of the two options: either to achieve real success in the field of Tablet, or watched Microsoft there is no white, the first serious challenge to the iPad.

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