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The Tablet Wars Begin October

Posted Oct 10 2012 9:38am

In October 2012, for the IT sector as a whole, it will not be commonplace for a month. For the PC industry, Microsoft chose the revolutionary operating system Windows 8 on October 25. For the Tablet, October will have three consecutive blockbuster in this blue ocean: first Apple iPad mini will be released on October 17 (but has not yet been determined), and the second is 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD will start shipping on October 20, the last is formally launched on the day of release of Windows 8 for Microsoft Surface RT.

About the rumours of the iPad mini, there were too much. The 7.85 inches smaller iPad, says it is Apple felt pressure from Google, Amazon and other companies decided to launch the product, says it is that Apple is trying to occupy the entry-level product in the market, its appear seems to bring round of shuffling to the Tablet market.

The $ 399 iPad 2 and $ 499 of The new iPad has occupied flat computer near 70% of share, in contrast, while Android flat of products lines are more rich--both 199 dollars of started model, also has 750 dollars of high-end products-- has just occupied flat computer of 30% share, this also clear means that many businesses of appetite do not to meet. But faced with strong iPad, Android family seems to have some reluctance, homogeneity of appearance and functionality, making their lack of competitiveness with the Apple. Simply hit "price" in exchange for nothing more than to be able to fight for the moment, has not changed in nature, the ultimate outcome remains "live" – perhaps the words used to describe too exaggerated, but also lot of money is not relevant. Isn't it? Many Android Tablet companies join forces, only hold less than half of the iPad's market share.

Perhaps Amazon get involved and brought some new changes to the Android tablet. Kindle Fire is the lower-priced flat-panel "ancestor", with a price of $ 199 and various charges for their services (such as books, music) lesson for other manufacturers of the same camp: tablet computers can sell make money like this – does not rely on hardware and sell software, creating a fusion of hard and soft "ecological environment". Which can follow the example of Amazon but other companies are doing that? No doubt Google is one. No one knows that Nexus 7 is inspired by Kindle Fire, the same price of $ 199, got on a quad-core processor and 1280X800 resolution in HD, and the software, apart from the first update to the latest version of the Android system, there is Google's own Google Play online application store.

If Kindle Fire has created difference Android Tablet pioneer at low prices and services, then Nexus 7 is no doubt will move up into the heights. Moreover, even if they do not take into account users will purchase other value-added services, both (perhaps including other products that imitate the Nexus 7) simply by virtue of the $ 199, firmly occupy the entry-level tablet that block of shares: Kindle Fire listing soon became the sales champion, Nexus 7 was once the goods were sold in North America.

But unfortunately is, regardless of the individual, no matter how good it is, it is still difficult to make a change in the environment as a whole, is thus rendered in our eyes, although Kindle Fire such tablets were welcome, but this situation can't change rule of iPad tablet. What is more, Apple also uses all ways to appeal customers and fans, for example, Apple would launch all kinds of Apple accessoires, such as cheap ipad 2 cases, cheap iphone cases, cheap ipod cases and so on. Now Apple iPhone 5 was coming, best cases for iphone 5 also was coming.

However, Amazon and Google's move was not wasted. Relying on iPad Apple tasted sweeteners in the high-end market, faced in getting started competition in the market to determine the opponent, perhaps feeling a bit of pressure: the so-called rainy day, worried that Kindle Fire eating into its own this "cake", rather than down the ruthless hands, that also took them over. Perhaps it was precisely such considerations, we did not see the iPad mini, this "price is more cheaper than iPad" tablet.

In the range of $ 399-829, iPad is crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. Its opponent on function and performance, you can perhaps more length but could not block the consumer referred to in "tablet" four-word first thought is the one bite of the Apple. Now Apple holding iPad mini killed into the $ 200 price point, who think the iPad is too expensive and those who defect to Android tablets, how to choose?

Whether consumers will abandon the Android Tablet price, we can confirm is that the iPad mini rumor has last for a long time, its competitors will not die. Such as the advent of Kindle Fire HD was earlier, said was a confrontation of The new iPad replacement is no simple, but may also be at the iPad mini has not been forthcoming. Bezos has designed two 7 inch and 8.9-inch version, thought probably not just expansion of the product line is so simple.

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