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The summer solstice before supra skytop on sale the arrival of the season

Posted Nov 03 2012 3:12am
Later Hua Xie, had to bear a few loofah, but thin and emaciated as you. Loofah finally inevitable aging, a listless piles to spread on the ground. That wall suddenly empty, and restore. All zeros, and back to the starting point, like from what never happened, never vibrant germination, nor had no choice but to decline.The summer solstice before supra skytop on sale the arrival of the season, no wind and rain after the golden spent, no cat naughty pulling leaves no malicious dendrite sneak around on a clothesline. So I was forced to change, no longer need to stand in the sun, looked up and squinting the loofah's aggression trend, stomped scare away the mischief cat.

Summer or. Staggered, very punctual.Some people say that, in the summer, all wordless love and forbear silence, such as under the hot sun stains like water marks gradually evaporated, built by the memory whole world fall apart. However, I increasingly to miss you, my adidas porsche design s2 for sale dear Wood. Mottled memory, like a silent movie scene by scene in front of me show. Good strong sunlight, water and biting you from me, so near and yet it seems far away, your lips move, "or so, or so ..." "Baby, don'tcry," to laugh Oh, I like love to laugh you. "... dear, I'm laughing, you see?
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