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The regular season MVP chim emperor is not steady win expert: parker is the threat. He is too mature

Posted Mar 01 2013 6:47am
The 25-year-old oden, since 2007 the first round of the first selected by the Portland trail blazers, since has been by injury. So far, oden joined only 82 field NBA games, averaging can contribute 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks. Earlier this year, oden agent has said his customers may in the half of the season to join a Penny Hardaway Shoes team. However, the "emperor" chose to be on the safe side.Distance the playoffs have not how many games, from now to see, what the team has hope unexpectedly become partition boss? The regular season MVP most gold content, who may have a surprise? About these problems, ESPN tried to give the analysis. Who can kill the heat [micro bo] become the boss? ESPN men experts given the answer is not uniform, a bull and support the eagle, and choose the celtics or the knicks. Choose the bulls, took a fancy to their defense capability. The eagle, it is that their strength equilibrium outside threats. As for the celtics, more is to believe that their experience. The knicks, want to bring surprise, it will be the beginning of the season out of the defense. Who can bring a surprise in the west? The question answer is relatively uniform. Nike Air Foamposite Pro Most experts believe that is home to grizzly bears, but the warriors and the lakers [micro bo] also have candidate. Choose the grizzlies the answer is very simple, D.J - foster's point of view more representative, he said, "don't forget, Memphis once in the playoffs, and then kill the SAN Antonio spurs will thunder force into the seventh game, grizzly bear to do it but in Rudy gay doesn't." As for the lakers, they must take out despair desire to survive. If I can enter into the playoffs, no matter the spurs or thunder, probably will get into trouble. As for may be disappointing in the eastern part of the team. ESPN experts believe that unity is the New York of the two, Curtis Harris said, "the knicks team is aging, the age of only one in 25 years old the following, this in the playoffs is a very big hidden trouble. Also, the knicks grabs an eye to the beginning of the season from hot three break up feeling, but now they are from three tend to be general." And the nets, Andrew McNeil explained, "their offensive and defensive efficiency are general, deron and hidden danger of injury. The playoffs, competition more intense case, Cheap Air Foamposite Pro the defense will be the key, the nets in this respect is on thin ice."Also, in the west of the clippers [micro bo] also let many people worry. McNeil think said, "at the beginning of the season, when Chris Paul [micro bo] because of injury, the clippers played very general. Once the playoffs, Paul if injured, the clippers strength will sell at a discount greatly. In addition, the most dazzling single awards, MVP, many experts have voted for Tony parker [micro bo]. Eddie - red villa said, "Tony can give lebron, Tony threat this season's very mature, he led the spurs in the western conference. From now see, Tony is the strongest league team the strongest player. Say the award of the dark horse, Tony is number one." In addition, James haddon is also one of the dark horse, the reason is McNeil, "James is not too have a chance to win the award, but if the rockets to the playoffs, and at the same time, the poor performance of words, there will be many people regret should choose Cheap KD 5 James."According to the Los Angeles times columnist this - Mr Odd reports, Dwight Howard in the Los Angeles lakers [micro bo] today's team after the training session and some JiaLian, and purpose is in order to improve the current physical condition, and at the same time he in order to achieve the best effect also deliberately reduce the candy intake and accept acupuncture therapy. "Basketball athlete's standard is concerned, I'm in good condition. The lakers center said, "but haven't reached superman body condition, and I hope to soon return to that state. So distance Howard refers to the "superman" state what and how far? After all, distance he accept back surgery has been for ten months, "still have to for a while."
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