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The Recovering Alcoholic Must Lose Their Ego To Find Serenity – Part III

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:02pm

How does an alcoholic identify when he or she needs to adjust their way of thinking to be more receptive to a quality recovery?


What are the obvious signs of ego and how can they be overcome?


Everyone has an ego and some even need it to be successful, it is an integral part of who they are and what they do. To an alcoholic, an over inflated view of themselves is dangerous.


Ego Defined:
A person’s idea of his or her own importance or worth, an inflated opinion of ones self having an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a feeling of superiority to other people. It is the psychoanalysis part of the mind containing consciousness and memory and involved with control, planning, and conforming to reality. It is the individual self, distinct from the outside world and other people.


Ego is also described as your consciousness of your own identity. Seemingly a pretty important part of who you are and we are discussing altering it or disposing of it altogether. You needn’t worry since it is such a strong part of who you are, your ego won’t be ditched – only tailored to make you more amenable to change and willing to recognize the bigger picture around you.


Our right brain hemisphere IS the big picture; it is our intuition, our witness, and our observer. Our left brain hemisphere is the chronological side, your ego side, the part of you that makes you an individual and recognizes you as such. The sequential side, our left side brain is also the reason why we have such rigorous stress in our lives. Your mind is always ON. It’s actively processing our daily lives, organizing, and scheduling and trying to formulate everything into something we can manage. It’s also maddening.


Silencing your mind is learning to control your left brain hemisphere. By sourcing out and exploring your fresh vigor and renewed energy, take responsibility of that voice inside, that brain chatter, the voice that makes you react to things. Use the new positive energy you feel to suppress your ego that used to be omnipresent and replace it with calm and controlled thinking, the type of thinking that allows you to investigate and discover new and meaningful things.


Pay attention to your thoughts and control your brain rants. Try not listening to the “other stuff”, set your ego aside and deliberately try not focusing on it. It will be there when you go back to the linear thought process but realize these thoughts have no real power over you.


Recovering alcoholics must focus on serenity and humility. They need to Let go of the details because these details just don’t matter. If drinking was your attempt to shut down your mind, if you used alcohol as a calming agent and a way to find peace and kill the stress; you realized the hard way this didn’t work. Your ego, your attitude and your erroneous thought process combine to work against your recovery. You need to find proper balance in your life.


Try and remember the big picture and our perceptions of what it means to be a part of the world as a whole. Regardless of how you define your spirituality you can feel the power of your renewed character and feel the peace and serenity many strive for and few actually achieve. You simply need to get out of your own way.



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