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The Recovering Alcoholic Must Lose Their Ego To Find Serenity – Part II

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:02pm

Bolte-Taylor’s horrifying yet exhilarating experience has convinced her that we all have the ability to access our right brain and the astonishing consciousness that exists and is waiting for us to tap into. We all have energy around us that is dictated by our right brain. We must find a way to make our right brain function or this creative energy source that is with us always, be the more dominant brain activity. To let ourselves go and explore the energy source that’s always available to us.


The recovering alcoholic who continues to hang on to their old outlook and ego driven self is truly someone to feel sorry for. Not being able to experience the “Calm”, the feeling after conversion, from the old you that was filled with attitude and ego and consumed with resentment, means you still carry the same feelings as when you were drinking. This is potentially squandering a new spirit building within you that can change your life immensely.


Spirituality can be quite helpful at this critical juncture in your rehabilitation process. Many alcoholics in recovery ask their Higher Power for help, conceding they can’t do it alone. They recognize that the mindset they’ve lived with for so many years is acting as a roadblock to serious improvement in their lives.


The old timers in A.A. are known for stating a mantra of sorts when they see someone struggling with the program – Let Go And Let God – means they can’t do it alone anymore, the struggle to stay sober, regaining their health and emotional stability is too much for them alone. In asking their Higher Power to assist them, they are releasing themselves of the responsibility of changing their lives by themselves. They’ve tried it on their own and it isn’t working for them.


The author of this article recalls vividly when his life and recovery efforts turned around and believes he experienced a miracle. Not one to take these things lightly and at the time spirituality and God were alien to him, when at the end of ones rope you reach for whatever is available to keep from drowning. An overwhelming feeling of peace and composure, a new level of maturity washed over him and all fear, doubt and resentment gave way to a phenomenal clarity that remains to this day years later.


Was this a miracle? Perhaps, but more importantly it gave a sense of understanding and revitalization that has never wavered since. This is the feeling an alcoholic must strive to attain. It’s possible through meditation and contemplation to access this reservoir of calmness and lucidity whenever we wish. It is the saving grace of the recovering alcoholic. If when under fire in our daily lives we are able to substitute liquor with quiet reflection we can find solace in our right brains magnificent resource of consciousness.


An excessive drinker usually resists any external support or guidance and this holds true for the recovering alcoholic that stubbornly maintains their self destructive thought processes. Living dry means more than physically not drinking. It means a lifestyle modification of all things physical, emotional and spiritual in their lives. Cleansing the mind and body of anything related to and that are the cause of excessive and abusive drinking.


How then does someone know when they need to change their attitude? What is going on with the alcoholic who has trouble achieving balance in their life? When is it time to get out of your left brains control and seek more of your right hemisphere’s stimulating qualities?


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