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The post-Jobs era comes from 2014

Posted Oct 06 2012 9:46am

Beijing time on October 5, according to PCMag technology website reported last year today, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died, got the world into the unspeakable grief. And now, although jobs cannot continue to manage Apple, the realpost-Jobs era has not yet come. Because of their design, the production cycle is long, so Apple is really out of Steve Jobs ' ring time, perhaps in 2014.

Six months ago, Apple launched the first product the new iPad after Steve died, but you can certainly say that this product has owned the condensation of Steve's wisdom and ideas – technology product life cycle is very long, so now there is every Apple product, Steve jobs should have been involved in the design.

But it is likely to see someone here want to loudly complain-"Apple map! "This product does make a lot of dissatisfaction with the Apple fans, but remember he is not God, not everything is the Flash of gold that he has created. In other words, Steve jobs is good at guiding users that think he is right, and this magic is that Apple is now missing. Recalled Steve era, he brought a G4 Cube computer, Motorola ROKR cell phone, "antenna door" iPhone 4, the Ping social network, and doomed to fail (if you want to show the failure of Steve, we're probably making a very long slide). Now that the Apple map, back in 2009, Steve had a physically healthy. When it is already in design, maps the same can be said a project for Steve.

And mobile devices often require many years to finally be published. Many operators and manufacturers also said in an interview, a product from concept design to final last sales tend to 18-24 months of the life cycle. Apple iPhone 5 design cycles are likely more--appear on the iPhone 4S, many Apple watchers felt the accident because they see in the hearsay was an all-metal fuselage, very different with the iPhone 4 smartphones. It now appears that those rumours at that time, in fact, there are many possible things that were eventually confirmed by iPhone 5itself.

So you can say, Apple map and iPhone 5 is still reserved for Apple's heritage from Steve jobs. So what about the iPad mini? Steve Jobs publicly played down the 7-inch tablet, and that this product is only a distortion. However, people who know Steve Jobs style may also have not forgotten, when certain derogatory products by Steve, often he is in the process of study – Steve jobs once said, "no one would want to read on the LCD screen", and then he introduced the iBook software, he said, no one wanted to watch video on handheld devices, and iPod video turned out. Besides, apart from iPad and iPhone, Apple also makes Apple iPad accessories and iPhone accessoies, for example, cheap ipad 2 case and cheap iphone 5 case.

Last year, Apple's enterprise structure seems to have a slight change. At least, Tim Cook is quite different with jobs in work. But Apple still maintained mysterious and unique charm that jobs created. Yes, now there are loopholes, but know that vulnerability is not only now emerging era--say, iPhone 4 in Steve Jobs time. Apple's public relations operation is still different, nor have we heard of people and a lot of changes. Apple's system is not corrupted, and also to a large extent due to Steve jobs. And now Apple shares continue to advance triumphantly, meaning that Apple has not gone downhill.

2014 is a real test against Apple's future. This year, Apple has a branded product line that jobs dried up, Apple may need to be more pressing than the competition to respond flexibly to the needs. Success of the Apple iOS systems seem to be self-sustaining--because of Apple's third-party developer community an unusually strong, but this does not mean that such a situation will never change.

After the era of Steve jobs, Apple will face a big problem is that the company still has plenty of courage to innovation and disrupt entire electronic market. Apple is no longer the last century 90 's a loser, it has ornate turns into the world's leading manufacturer of tablet computers and smart phones. There is inertia, easier to maintain and renew.

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