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The most mellow jade in the world Boundless

Posted Apr 11 2013 6:36am
The most mellow jade in the world Boundless Jade made weapons on three looming shadows in the wailing, cheap oakley sunglasses howling, exudes endless resentment. "Release we release our release we ... ...... "These three figures vaguely discernible water, soil king as well as fire respect trio looks like three old ancient God, the Most High decided to tens of millions of underground human, now it has become such a miserable appearance. painful struggling in flames and saw the first moment of the sunglass burst out a ferocious fierce Italian kid, the quick release, otherwise I will be your being trapped in endless water dungeon, suffered corrosion the pain. "Boy, the king put otherwise free to cheap oakleys a hairs can be turned into a million are the mountains, to your life and crushed to death." "put the deity, the deity of breath you can easily refining the ashes. "messy resentment intimidation of the words from the three ancient his mouth spit it out for them, being detained in the" right close to Jade Le Conte refining, already sanity upside down, greatly damage ignorance like a fool only keep a leave most original of memory, such as for contempt of mankind, and the most powerful force attributes the face of these groans like raving, sunglass direct disregard Le Conte, one step down, came to the flames of the most central straight there, is entrenched in a mass of golden light group, light group, sitting cross-legged, his eyes closed, as if in meditation, dressed the black robes But I do gold collard soma's side, there are numerous sharp lofty golden light, like most sharp Jian Qi, conversion between Feizong air are cut into numerous road traces. but very unfortunate , fire can melt gold, in the endless sea of ​​flames, these sharp matchless golden gas even longer sharp, it can only be turned into a road cracks, and finally dissipated between the flames of publicity. sunglass drop the body in the sea of ​​flames complexion looked dull eyes gold among the middle-aged man, look indifferent. "you finally come?" the Jindi suddenly opened his eyes, golden around the pupil numerous tiny needle marks divergence, the twinkling of an eye, at the soma side infinite sharp gold gas suddenly soaring, lofty long enough, even the ho fierce flames tore a hole. "Boy, you dare to, really thought the old lady incompetent you by refining Why, oh, who the winner remains to be seen, even if I'm not your opponent, you want to refining I have to pay the cost of heavy extremely. "Jindi large tsunami, Zhangshenerqi to the more gratuitous the hands of the two ancient sword, between boarding flames, overbearing. loss is not the first person of the ancient god. still lose morale even proximity to an impasse, "but Kunshouyoudou nothing." sunglass sneer beside him both sides of the flames suddenly rapidly faded four weeks, forming a huge ring of fire, at the center of a radius of ten thousand meters without any trace of anger. Jindi overjoyed, immediately furious: "Boy, you bully me, ha ha, Bale, if you suppress me to the flames, I may not be able to fight against you, but now you a meaning great care, the kiss of death, is no wonder to me. "phrase drop-strike, the Jindi stature a vertical, two golden sword cross, such as
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