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The light was great - remember Juve

Posted Nov 16 2012 5:58am
If Ibrahimovic "luckiest man" and shake beards run, it's much murmuring one of the many people Riboud "high and might end copied, but people frequently forget that Italy Juventus Ibrahimovic not help provide a strong TODAY ' Today. Ai Juventus are inseparable their new "cornerstone" -. Vidal people speak Italian Juve apparently consider a door phone "before Zhezhi fear nearly 50 games unbeaten teams once mighty Inter Milan defeated. ?¡ì|quipe, it can be people. For large players like Del Piero, but Zhaolaizhaoqu, Pirlo can be essential, without having to only seek Vidal is Juve giant invisible
Origin of Chile Arturo Vidal has got an imaginary life, mcdougal of these Giants team Colo Colo, most players of youth team concerned, immediately after seasons, he was the German league giants lewo Courson lust at a cost of 11 million euros to choose. It's evolution of this irresistible cost of a Chilean player worthy of the price, and Vidal also general appearance belonging to the system is little leaguer midfield altogether, occasionally play guard or center or excellent winger is in fact confusing. However, in case the German league Vidal, Richard Sherman Jersey he suddenly appeared "red", dark skin, athletic son confrontation German not they aspire wonderful aggressive sort of play seems a touch barbaric, but booming Germany. Born in Brazilian effects of the ball, attempt to seen organizations play and the ball within the backcourt, it has been a stroke. Actively running, defense help frequent and frequently take advantage of the rear connector, marked around the penalty area. The midfielder Organization in this style similar to the old Emerson difficult no injuries once the versatile midfielder Wang.
As he arrived at precisely the same amount of Brandon Mebane Jersey Juve, comes from a category of workers vidal already a star key taste often squint, he or she an exclusive hairstyle Adventures of Tintin, which look somewhat more. Favorite Juventus fans are his reasons and this man helped the control the Serie A, Vidal, Pirlo and Marchisio midfield combination, almost Dabian Italy regain control invincible. Europe is familiar with a few years ago, vidal a completely new skill may be the ability of Tiger Balm, they almost made selecting location, as well as in all positions, so it can present the biggest level in Europe. It is composed by iampinayJerseys 11.16.2012
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