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The Latest of 15 Best iPad Mini Cases

Posted Nov 13 2012 9:58am

There has another heavyweight contender in small-screen Tablet market. Apple iPad Mini uses 7.9-inch screen, the thickness of fuselage is 7.2 mm and weighs approximately 68 pounds. What is more, it carries A5 processor, a 1024x768 resolution of the screen and the new Lightning connector, in addition, it has 10 hours of battery life.

Apple iPad Mini has listed on November 2, according to the capacity, there are three specifications of WiFi version: $ 329 16GB, 32GB $ 429, 64GB $ 529. According to a CNET report, on November 6, 4G version has also listed, 4G prices are as follows: 16GB $ 459, 32GB $ 559 , 64GB, $ 659.

IPad Mini has not yet listed, some of its peripheral products have been hot on stage. This article recommended 15 best ipad mini cases for you.

Gumshell Case

SecondShells Web site: $ 22.95

Gumshell Case shell is fully compatible with Apple's iPad MINI 7.85 inch screen, which can prevent harm caused to the device when the Tablet PC drops, it weighs less than a paperback book, make room for the equipment all the controls and interface.

Snoopy Folio

ILuv website: $ 54.99

Snoopy Folio provides multi-view browsing experience, unique iPad Mini shell can provide landscape mode, designed for the iPad Mini design, maintain and control all interfaces are available.

Foam-padded sleeve:Kindle Fire HD and iPad mini

ILuv website: $ 29.99

Foam-padded sleeve can be used for iPad Mini and also can used current popular Kindle Fire HD, memory foam provides a very stable protection, soft, thin, built-in plush prevents scratches.

DoubleTake iPad Mini case

Marware website: $ 54.99 DoubleTake stand iPad Mini case provides support and a comfortable typing angle, supported automatic sleep and wake functions, it uses durable dual-compound material, soft rubber inner layer provides a damping effect, reinforced corners protect, stay out of the space of all possible ports, keyboard and speakers.

Hardcover iPad Mini case

Etsy user irisandlily websites: $ 48 All of the Hardcover iPad Mini shell is made up of fabric, providing a soft surface and solid overall structure, front flap with magnet, achieve greater security, this case also provides personal Monogram or name.

iPad Mini Portfolio case

IGear Unlimited Web sites: $ 39.99

IPad Mini Portfolio housing is made of durable polyurethane leather, plus magnetic cover, can fully protect the iPad Mini, soft fabric protects iPad Mini screen from scratches, supports multiple typing and watch movies.

Padded Fabric Snoozin' Hooters Case

Etsy user $ kreatedbykim: $29.99 Padded Fabric Snoozin'Hooters Case front pockets to fit disparate items included: equipment accessories, screen wipes, cell phones, and so on. The shell is completely made from 100% cotton, you can use it as a flat shell, or you can use it as a purse.

Dual-Layer Protection

ILuv website: $ 49.99

Dual-Layer Protection case is a stylish iPad Mini shell, made of TPU material, protect and beautify your iPad Mini, notches on the left and provides precise control of the game.

Shockdrop for iPad Mini

Hard Candy $ Cases: $49.95

Shockdrop provides 10 mm Silicon shell shock protection, which is provided for the iPad Mini body vibration reduction of thickness of 6 mm, and Shockdrop configuration of semi-rigid screen protector provides comprehensive protection for iPad Mini.

Winter in Oxford

tsy user $ jositajosi:$35

Winter in Oxford shell is a very special iPad Mini shell, 100% cotton fabric, handmade, hand-washing, provides an elegant coat for iPad Mini.

iPad Mini Defender series

OtterBox website: $ 69.95

Apple iPad Mini Mini Defende series provides the most effective protection solutions inside, good shock absorption protection, built-in screen protector on the polycarbonate shell, while preventing scratches do not affect the sensitivity, while Defender series looks awkward.

Hand-Finished Leather iPad Mini Case

Etsy user Mclovebuddy: $68

Hand-Finished Leather iPad Mini Case is a soft, grey wool can increase comfort and security. Hand-sewing add a retro feel. In addition to the iPad Mini, it can be also available as a case for Kindle products.

Axis iPad Mini Case

Marware Web site: $ 44.99

Axis iPad Mini surface shell of the Case is a high quality, genuine leather products, supporting three within 90 degrees angle of rotation stand. Its shell with automatic sleep and wake functions, similar to most of the currently available for iPad protective case.

Jumper Stretch Case

Griffin Technology: $24.99

This looks tough, textile materials, wool-lined Jumper Stretch Case, which prevents dust, dirt, scratches and fingerprints. Its shape is like a big envelope, it can function as both a 7-inch screen of the Kindle, NOOK and other e-book readers.

Bear Motion Leather Folio Case

Amazon: $ 15

Bear Motion Leather Folio Case is designed for iPad 7.9 inch Mini, it supports multiple perspectives, with sleep and wake functions, Bear Motion is in the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered trademark, have got trademark laws.

If you want to learn more information about Apple accessories, for example, best cases for iphone 5, you can go to best case mall.

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