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The Importance Of Privacy And Discretion For Executive Alcoholism – When Confidential Treatment is Imperative

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:02pm

Picture this scenario. The CFO of a fortune 500 company is sighted at a business function over-indulging in alcohol to the point where he/she becomes loud and overt in his/her conversations. Other executives take notice of this behavior and make a note to speak to Human Resources about this potential problem with alcohol and the ramifications of confronting the employee about any impending issues to this looming predicament. 


For a corporation there is more to think about than just the problem drinker’s health and welfare; there are issues related to the function of the business, particularly given this individual is in charge of the financial operations and reporting. Such a high profile position requires focus, dedication and analytical skills that are unencumbered by clouded judgment. They may also have a responsibility to shareholders, The Board of Directors and all company employees under their watch that they are in control of the organization’s fiscal necessities.


Everyone deserves a chance to redeem him or herself and in a corporate environment, this is complicated even more so by certain legal obligations and standards a company must follow. When the employee is confronted about their drinking problem, they will be asked to get help and generally, this will be sponsored by the company through an executive assistance program internally. Still the situation and the employee must be carefully monitored to make sure they are receiving the assistance offered and progress is being made.


All this must be kept in complete privacy for if leaked to the public that such a critical employee is seeking treatment for alcohol abuse, the repercussions could be severe. As an investor in the company, you would want to make sure your investment is secured from outside scrutiny of company personnel’s health problems. Even internal staff is kept in the dark, some made aware of the situation on a need to know basis only.


Not only is the company’s reputation on the line but also that of the executive who requires the treatment. The corporation has a responsibility to keep confidential any health and treatment procedures that are being undertaken by their employee. The treatment options available to the employee should be suitably vetted for privacy, confidentiality, and effectiveness.


Treatment options available to the employee may be varied, but the final choice should be up to him or her. Follow up treatment while in early recovery will be essential, and many alcoholics in this category will be resistant to 12 step programs such as A.A. where they meet in a group for those same privacy reasons. Private alcohol treatment counseling on an outpatient basis may be the preferred choice and this alternative has helped many whose privacy is paramount. These professional therapeutic services should be made available to the employee as a primary option for initial treatment.


Many of these corporate executives and high profile individuals caught in the web of alcoholism have a “Can Do” attitude. Being highly motivated by nature and depending on the severity of their problem, an effective private alcohol treatment option on an outpatient basis may allow them to return to work sooner while simultaneously dealing with their drinking problem.
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