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The Greeks first step is the use of Empire in Central Asia and the expansion

Posted Apr 08 2013 5:42am
The Greeks first step is the use of Empire in Central Asia and the expansion of the East to open up the Silk Road between East and West, the eastern border of the Empire may have reached the Dawan (now Kyrgyzstan Fergana ) - now the western part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. Found that people with archaeological city built by Alexander the Great, the first 329 years - Khujand (Greek life as a "Far East Alexandria, Alexander Crusade the most distant).
The next 300 years,
Discount Bedding Sets the Greeks to maintain the rule of the empire in Asia. Seleucid empire (the Seleucid, see there is no national list) generals Osiris De Musi the Euthydemus According big summer and Sogdian independent, he and his son Dmitri (DemetriusIofBactria, died in 167 BC) plug around the region of the kinds of people, rest in peace and Dawan territorial expansion. Continue past the road along the Alexander westward expansion. (230-200) during the reign of in big summer King Osiris De Musi Homeland achieve the ultimate: big summer-controlled land that goes well beyond the complex times suddenly felt, there is evidence that their reconnaissance team in the first 200 years or so has been reached over Kashi, which is the earliest ever, according to can test once connected to the activities of China and the West. Ancient Greek historian Strabo has commented on this action: "They even expand the homeland of their own country to the seres (China), and Fulin Ni (Phryni).
Discount Comforter Sets But this kind of exchange is not exactly the same in the 1st century BC and prosperous Silk Road, also did not last down. As nomads constantly strengthened them to settle in the constant battle between nations, are split between the collision and fusion, which makes the original cultural and trade exchanges between exists only in some areas or in some areas . However, with the power counterattack and expansion of sedentary people between these countries tend to occur in direct contact, such as West Asia Macedonian Alexander's conquests, the Parthian dynasty and the Roman expansion in Central Asia and the Mediterranean coast, bedding sets summer country in northern Afghanistan, the rule of the Indus Valley, and to promote Zhang Qian leave the Western Regions yueshi moved westward. All this shows that the elements of the large-scale transport between the regions already have access to the national road in the Hexi Corridor in China with China Unicom on the continent have been nomads known.
visit this site And at the same time everywhere, together with the small countries of the Western Regions between China and Europe, is also a war-torn Central Asian region. The northwest side of the Western Region in northern China have strong Huns in the side of the control of Central Asia, more than battle around the nation and the Central Plains of China. Economic and cultural exchanges is only to be done within a relatively stable region. So the time between the East and the West does not have a deep understanding of cultural exchanges in isolation from each other. Even the ancient trade ever existed, which is also often turned into legends and myths hearts residues in the East and West more and more detail in
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