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The game of the new pattern

Posted Oct 17 2012 8:01am

Once upon a time, the European summit to glimpse the future world order, but that time has passed. Today, trying to look for the future trends of the sign of the people, we must pay Mbt Shoes attention to the East Asia Summit (East Asia Summit), like just in Bali Indonesia end one field.

The United States and Russia is the first time to participate in east Asia summit. Asean (Asean) as the east Asia summit host, has not invited the two countries participant, the United States and Russia are invited request. Why Washington decided to Barack Obama (Barack Obama) has very tight schedule, and then arrange a overseas summit? The answer is Chinese.
Through the ages, the most important geopolitical relations, are the most powerful country in the world (is now the United States) and the world's most powerful emerging great powers (is currently China) between. Under normal circumstances, we should see the geopolitical relations between the two countries increased stress levels, but we have ever observed is unusual calm.

The time is near the end, this is the result of two factors. First of all, a note, China in 2009 and last year made a series of unfortunate foreign policy mistakes, such as fishing vessel collision events, north Korea bombardment events, in the south China sea on the question of the strongly worded statement, as well as to November 2009 President Obama visit to the improper disposal of, crushing the Chinese built meticulously of "peaceful rise" impressions. Therefore, in the Asia Pacific and the United States, China's rise to concern are increased.
Secondly, the United States had confident and able to gentle state of mind at the rise of China, the United States today, he felt weak, more a lack of security. Because of this, in the foreign policy of peace, the other areas attitude middle stand in the republican presidential nominee competitors Mitt Romney (Mitt Romney), decided to use the public China is grabbed the United States more and more jobs anxiety, in campaign rally to attack China. This approach can he win votes.

For many years, China has been trying to avoid agitate the United States this head "sleeping tiger", now the head the tiger was stirring. A grand new game is about to start.

For Beijing, it is wise of you to listen to the United States and even global government increased anxiety. So far, China has been fierce boycotted the United States request to let the yuan rise Mbt Shoes in meaningful amplitude appeal. Therefore, Chinese premier wen jiabao has decided to meet again put forward in Bali barack Obama, and offered to increase the RMB exchange rate flexibility, are important steps. Equally important, China central television (CCTV) has broadcast wen jiabao the commitment of the exchange rate reform. Obviously Beijing has made the high specifications of the decision, in response to American concerns. In the tensions, east Asia summit for the two global power provides the best communication places.

All this also shows the wisdom of the asean -- to open architecture area reform efforts, and did not follow the example of Europe's multilateral legal BBS inflexible form. Accept the United States and Russia into the east Asia summit don't need long program, but with a smooth, the practical way for them to take part in the east Asia summit to pave the way.

If Washington more comprehensively and east Asian expansion contact in the Asia Pacific region, will be able to benefit. To promote the United States across the Pacific strategic economic partnership agreement (TPP) decision, has sent out a strong signal that the us will not Mbt Shoes allow China's dominant Asia Pacific cooperation process, although TPP has signed than China China - asean free trade agreement late ten years. But the United States to promote TPP also reflects a new economic reality, the United States last year for the first time on east Asian exports more than exports to Europe.

Between Washington and Beijing appear a certain degree of geopolitical competition, as long as not focused too much on military power, for east Asia may be healthy. The two countries should compete with each other to put forward its own vision, explain how it can create better regional and global cooperation. Economic cooperation is win-win, not a zero-sum game.

Put forward the mutual competition vision, will make people glimpse the future will appear in the Mbt Shoes Sale new world order. Yan xuetong of tsinghua university scholars has been the inevitable competition provided China with a large number of wise advice. He said: "this is a people about the war, the common aspiration of the people will decide who will finally win. Just as the ancient Chinese philosophers have predicted, ShiRenZheng is the king."

If the new game between the two countries along these principles expansion, then the world will be relaxed relieved. If not, then just like a saying, we go to a "interesting times". If you want to understand our new world, might as well focus on the future of east Asia summit.

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