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The Difference Between A Therapist And A Life Strategist

Posted Sep 28 2008 5:46pm

These days one hears the phrase life coach or life strategist used a fair bit. People from all walks of life tend to need some personal development as they proceed with their life’s journey. Whether it is for their career path, personal improvement and health concerns, they believe a personal coach will help their development. Those folks that can’t afford the real thing will cruise the aisles in bookstores for just the right self help book for their particular shortcoming.


For years people have been seeking out counselors for therapy sessions in the hope they can bring some understanding and closure to any particular emotional distress they may be enduring. Once again, those without good insurance coverage or maybe who just prefer the do-it-yourself option will read their way to better mental health. It’s not the same as professional therapy, but money may be an obstacle.


One might think a life strategist and a therapist/psycho-analyst are one in the same but this isn’t case. A therapist/ mental health care professional can certainly conduct thoughtful and effective consultative life strategy sessions, but the life coach/life strategist must have the credentials and certification required by law to claim the title of Psychologist offering therapeutic mental health services.


Often a therapist will assist their patient/client with their fears and anxieties, any number of mental health matters and work with the patient to improve their lives while easing emotional wounds. When the patient reaches a point where they are comfortable with their issues, the therapist may now work to improve their well being and future prospects by employing life strategies. These strategic methods for personal growth and fulfillment work to give a boost to the patient’s outlook and help them gain perspective, enabling them to focus on their life goals and objectives.


As you can see there are fundamental differences between a therapist and a life strategist. In simplistic terms, one focuses on mental health issues the other on self improvement in various areas. Both are recruited to help an individual better cope with life’s many obstructions. Rare is the person who has never needed some assistance in dealing with obstacles that prevent them from being truly happy or wonderfully successful. Therapists and life strategists fill the bill for these people.


There is no shame in needing help to get by in today’s busy and complex world. It’s considered courageous for someone to admit they need psychological assistance to overcome their mental health woes. Likewise, someone who works with a personal life strategist is rewarded with perhaps a better lifestyle, promotion at work or more self esteem and personal growth.


There are differences in the work of a psycho-therapist and a life strategist and yet they both have their place in today’s society. They assist people who are trying to make themselves better people, able to contribute more to the social order while feeling better about themselves. This question of the difference between therapists and life strategists was posed to Dr. Michael Pearlman; founder of the FreedomFromAlcohol™Method, his answer will be the final word on this:


I believe the fundamental differences between a therapist or counselor and life coach strategist is their focus. A therapist or counselor is usually associated with helping people deal with problematic situations as a primary goal and their practice is about restoring some sense of balance and equilibrium. Whereas, the life coach or life strategist is very much geared to helping someone design their lives such that their life becomes the subject of his or her creative process.


With life strategies there are specific elements not limited to, but including: clarification of purpose, helping people find their voice (ie., developing a straight forward articulation of who they are, how they are intending to be, and how they are wanting to show up for life), and their expression of purpose and service that they wish to offer - first for themselves and then for others.


The various areas of inquiry or attention relative to life coaching or a life strategist are focus on the issues of health, then relationships, followed by clarification of vocation or avocation in our lives and finding purpose. Finally paying attention to the environment wherein one lives, plays and works such as the home environment, work environment - even perhaps their wardrobe as well as where and how they vacation or spend leisure time.

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