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the Chinese Frontal no exit opportunities

Posted Mar 12 2013 3:14am

fensive like cut inside offensive Marion, but the attack on the offensive, Motel Nowitzki had eight

points and eight rebounds in the final Motel 6 from 3. Motel, said: "I must be younger than most of the players, I'm going to give them

problems, forcing them to chase me once they are tired, they will not be able to do the things they are good at."

Despite amazing three consecutive games Sao Paulo state league starting the beginning of the season, but with the return of Guerrero,

Emerson, Pato, Augusto veteran new aid, Chan Chi-chiu again soon in trouble. Recently, Chan Chi-chiu regret losing the Corinthians to

participate in this year Copa Libertadores list, China attacking midfielder will again missed the events of the highest standards of South


Seeing Chan Chi-chiu's   cheap nike free 3.0 v4 mens   position in the squad has plummeted, the Brazilian media speculated that the attacking midfielder's future in China.

Media even revealed that the club is likely going to abandon Chan Chi-chiu, Shanghai Shen Xin, Chan Chi-chiu home team in China, most likely

in the case of Chan Chi-chiu rental period is less than the advance recall.

However, according to the latest news of the of Brazil "Global Sports" to appease Chan Chi-chiu, senior Corinthians have the sports manager

Jesper come forward to rumor. Gaspar Chan Chi-chiu not selected for the Copa Libertadores, the list does not mean that his career at the club

has come to an end, "This is a technical issue, need Teeter to answer, but in my opinion, first explained to the media last year, he also did

not enter the Libertadores Cup  nike free 4.0 v2 mens shoes cheap   and Club World Cup list, but we can see his excellent play in the state league In Corinthians year, there are

a lot of games to play, I think we really need to Chan Chi-chiu As for his When played, which is enacted by the coaches according to their

own needs. "

Gaspar also affirmed Chan Chi-chiu year progress, "Yes, he is indeed the lack of adequate match practice, but you have to know that he played

for Brazil's top domestic clubs last year, zizao in the game and some let go of hands and feet This year, we can nike free 5.0 v4 womens sneakers sale    already see the

extraordinary out riding a bicycle in the game, he, his progress was amazing and I think he will, as always, and we together will not be

selected for the Libertadores Cup list because there is no no longer not debut, he still will have a lot of opportunities. "

Chan Chi-chiu no risk of being abandoned, but the lack of match practice but it is an indisputable fact. Since the state league after the

third round, the Chinese Frontal no exit opportunities. From Brazil "Lance Sports broke the news, in fact, Chan Chi-chiu excellent play in

the State League, has attracted the attention of other clubs. Brazil's former striker Wan Peta is his "fans".

The former Tieyao now work

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